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  1. xdmelarton

    Your arrow setup?

    While I follow the Dr. Ashby / RF arrow building ideas, I am not a fan of the EFOC as I like to maintain a 250+ fps so I worked through what I had on hand to build a setup that flies good and hits hard with good FOC. This is where I am currently at. Easton Axis Match 340’s 9.5 GPI Weight 481...
  2. xdmelarton

    How many deer have you killed?

    How old you are: 46 When you started: 40 How many seasons: 6 Where you're from/where you generally hunt: Central MS / National Wildlife Refuge and State WMA's And how many deer you've kilt! 2 (1 with gun, 1 with BOW, 1 with bow not recovered (worst experience to date) 5 yrs bow only, scout...
  3. xdmelarton

    Seasonal Hobbies. What are they?

    CF year around but lay off intensity during hunting season Oct 1 thru Jan 31 Spring: tinker with my bow setup and make any changes as well as shoot a lot, maybe fish a little. Would love to scout if all my woods weren't under water the past 2 years after season from flooding Summer: shoot my bow...
  4. xdmelarton

    Play it loud.....killer music

    Some good stuff in this thread but surprised no one through out some SLAYER (mid to late 80's variety).
  5. xdmelarton

    Preferred Archery Target

    I have a rinehart broadhead buck that is going on 4 years of year round shooting and I have never changed the insert and it is still in fine condition. It was a blem that I got for over half off on Camofire. When they pulled it from the mold a chunk of the hoof came off. I dont shoot it with...
  6. xdmelarton

    I need better boots... suggestion?

    I have the gen 2 lacrosse aerohead 3.5's (after they changed the center seam) and the aerohead snake boots....I have 2 full seasons on the aerohead snakeboots and I wear them 100% of the time. The material isn't as flexible as the original aeroheads but they are comfortable and tough. The snake...
  7. xdmelarton

    Carrying in your climbing sticks

    I had a duffel shoulder strap with a slid-able pad that I put some nite eyez twistys on each end that I tie around the top stick tree cleats and sling them over my head and shoulder and they lay against my pack. I found this better than strapping to my pack. Set them on the ground, undo the...
  8. xdmelarton

    Micro fit adjusters?

    When I pulled them tight it made my mantis into more of a seat. Definitely made it more comfortable to me leaning or sitting.
  9. xdmelarton

    trad bow give away

    167 looks taken....168?
  10. xdmelarton

    trad bow give away

    Post 167 I think....
  11. xdmelarton

    MS/TN checking in

    Welcome from Central MS
  12. xdmelarton

    Newbie Woman here!

    Welcome from MS
  13. xdmelarton

    SH Membership is live

    I am a hoarder who doesn't sell anything but the wealth of info over my few weeks being on here was worth it. DONE!
  14. xdmelarton

    New from Louisiana

    Welcome from Central Mississippi.....New here also!
  15. xdmelarton

    Lighted nocks

    Well I have had good experience with nockturnals until my recent packs that the nock separated at the shaft practicing. 3 out of 12 did this.
  16. xdmelarton

    New guy from Arkansas

    Welcome from MS
  17. xdmelarton


    I don’t have face book either but some good points on this thread. I certainly have shortcut the learning curve 15.00 worth from info on here.
  18. xdmelarton


    Well I’m new here but the info is awesome, classifieds are good to look at, like old AT without all the bickering about every question asked. Suprised all the saddle companies that are backed up for weeks out wouldn’t buy some advertising on here to fund this. This site peaked my interest in...
  19. xdmelarton

    Best knee pads?

    Well this thread was enough for me to pull the trigger on the vintage Trophy line knee pads...Thanks guys
  20. xdmelarton

    Ozone devices...

    I’ve been ozoning mine for 3 years as well with no issues with the little scent purge 50. I do know the Scent crusher bag has a very high output and will turn the suspenders and elastic waistbands into bacon if run too long.