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Search results

  1. Red Beard

    PLEASE CLOSE ISO trad tab/glove

    Hey yall. Starting my trad journey and I'm looking for a 3 under tab and/ or glove. I'd like to see which one works best for me. Please let me know if you have any sitting around collecting dust!
  2. Red Beard

    PLEASE CLOSE ISO lefthand recurve bow (or Sage limbs)

    Welp... the recurve bug may have pinched me. :smile: About to purchase a Galaxy Ember or a Black Hunter in the next couple days. Thought I'd throw out a quick request to see if someone here may have a similar recurve that they're not using anymore. Let me know if you've got a lefty that needs...
  3. Red Beard


    Labor has started for #7 yall. Please be in prayer for a perfect labor and delivery. God bless yall!!!
  4. Red Beard

    ISO youth bow or 15-29lb Diamond Razor Edge limbs

    Hey guys! Our 7 year old (E) is showing great interest in moving up from a old Brave kiddie bow. The Diamond Razor Edge that we bought for our 13 year old is collecting dust so I thought we'd let E try it out. Unfortunately, it has 30-60lb limbs on it and she just can't pull 30 yet. I'd like to...
  5. Red Beard

    Question on judo points (small game)

    Really want an air rifle to harvest small game in the future. However, I'm too poor for that at the moment. While I'm selling stuff and saving up, I started thinking about the feasibly of harvesting small game with judo points or something similar. Having never used small game heads (judo...
  6. Red Beard

    Air rifle recommendation

    Hey folks! I'm looking to purchase an air rifle to harvest small game and I'd like some recommendations. Please let me know if you have a particular one that you would recommend, or not, and why. I'm a clean slate with no preconceived desires in terms of brand, model, or caliber (.17 or .22)...
  7. Red Beard

    PLEASE CLOSE Petzl Ascension hand ascender SRT

    Petzl Ascension hand ascender for sale. $70tyd
  8. Red Beard

    SOLD PLEASE CLOSE Vortex Solo 10x25 monocular

    Vortex Solo 10x25 monocular for sale. $65tyd
  9. Red Beard

    How would yall hunt this?

    Yep. Yall have a great weekend!
  10. Red Beard

    WTT thumb release

    I have a used Hot Shot Vapor 3 that I'd like to trade for a used Spot Hogg Saturday Night Special, used Carter, or other thumb release. Let me know if you've got something you'd like to trade.
  11. Red Beard

    Freezer fillers UNITE!!!

    Everyone loves to post pictures of their saddle laying atop a dead cervid or pig. When it's all said and done though, how well did you do "filling the freezer" or "bringing home the bacon" this year? C'mon and show us what those little beauts, big brutes, or sloppy sows supplied you with! I'll...
  12. Red Beard

    SOLD PLEASE CLOSE Trophyline knee pads

    Trophyline knee pads for sale. $30tyd or trade for a Canyon C-IV tether.
  13. Red Beard

    Need ideas for DIY knife sheath

    Last weekend I learned a new method of gutting that I think I'm going to continue employing from here on. My Outdoor Edge knife with the replaceable blade is great for skinning but won't go through the sternum easily (part of this method). My buddy had a Case that went through like butter...
  14. Red Beard

    SOLD PLEASE CLOSE Bee Stinger quick disconnect

  15. Red Beard

    PLEASE CLOSE ISO thumb release

    I'm in search of a backup thumb release. Not real particular on the brand. Prefer something that locks on a D loop though. Have a ROS with strap and OCB, Heroclip, Nite-Ize S biner, and carabiner to trade.
  16. Red Beard

    3 for 2 weekend!

    Praise God for such a great weekend! Harvested one doe on Friday afternoon and two on Saturday morning. Still grin from ear to ear when I think about how the second shot went down. 2-with-1 is certainly the most intense hunting experience I've had to date!
  17. Red Beard

    PLEASE CLOSE ROS for sale or trade

    ROS-API steps with DanO (EWO) strap and a BoatBuckle OCB (IMMI) for $75 F&F tyd Would also trade for a thumb release.
  18. Red Beard

    SOLD PLEASE CLOSE XOP sticks for sale

    Four brand new XOP sticks for $180tyd. One has been on a tree one time.
  19. Red Beard

    SOLD PLEASE CLOSE Squirrel Steps for sale

    Three Slotted Squirrel Steps for sale. Fresh vet wrap just applied. $75tyd Edit: Two SOLD. One left for $25tyd.
  20. Red Beard

    How many times a day do you refresh saddlehunter.com?

    Be honest... 10? 20? 465?