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  1. btsnhos

    Eglin AFB late season hunt NW Florida

    Anyone going to come hunt this? Archery/muzzeloader on 08FEB-17FEB, alot of good bucks are taken during this time it's an awesome late season hunt before turkey season. You can buy a 7 day sportsman permit for $25. I've hunted it each year with a few buddies and have shot some great bucks...
  2. btsnhos

    Which release?

    I currently shoot a trufire wrist release and I hate the thing, the trigger pull is extremely long and there is no way to adjust it so when I am trying to pull my elbow back to release the shot I end up having to pull so hard I shake the bow, this leads me to punching the trigger. Looking at...
  3. btsnhos

    DIY trail camera mounts

    I’ve been using these bad boys for years, honestly can’t remember the exact sizes anymore but this is how I attach all my cameras up high so that they can’t get stolen, on most public land it’s illegal to screw anything into a tree so I will screw these into a small block of 2x4 and then strap...
  4. btsnhos

    Welcome from FL

    Long time follower of this site, second year saddle hunting. Hunt all public land in Northwest/east Florida, NC, MO, and Montana, excited to see what DIY stuff guys come up with especially with platforms.