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  1. kbetts

    For the hog guys

    One of the best stories ever. https://www.tradgang.com/tgsmf/index.php?topic=95367.140 You‘ll have to back to page one to start the story.
  2. kbetts

    Creed 28” cam for sale or trade

    A buddy of mine needs a 27”. The local shop has one, but seeing if anyone needs to swap. This the special edition lost camo cam. Trade or $75.
  3. kbetts

    Two Keller Pendulums (SOLD)

    Thought I had them sold but buyer backed out. Both work perfectly. One is missing the light. PM for pics. Both shipped for $25.
  4. kbetts

    2 Keller Pendulum Sites (SOLD)

    I have two of these. Both shipped for $25.
  5. kbetts

    Mathews Conquest Triumph

    This is the last of the single cam target bows I believe. I bought it to shoot with fingers. 60-70#. I have the 27.5, 28, and 31" cams. New string and cables. Mathews quiver and Trophy Ridge site. The bow is like new and by far one of the most accurate bows I've ever shot. Not sure what...
  6. kbetts

    Still the best IMO

    My original TL neoprene saddle. She's big, she's heavy, and she hugs my bottom like no other saddle can. After a couple months in a sit-drag and Recon....she's like sitting on the couch. Just had to get that out. I need a leather one.
  7. kbetts

    What I'm hunting

    Kinda freaking a little. Two days ago right after the rain stopped. Hunted last night and tonight. Tricky spot with the prevailing winds.
  8. kbetts

    Back at it

    If you were around last year you know I faded off into the sunset after my then wife told me it was over. Such a glorious day, but again another season suffered. Truth is, she caused more harm to my hunting seasons than I knew. It took all year just to get comfortable being in a tree and away...
  9. kbetts

    12 months away

    My hunting partner has been slipping me text pics of our years out west. I must not be too annoying or he wouldn’t be hassling me so bad...Ha! Type II fun as it’s been referred to, is different in that once you break down physically, mentally you will collapse......so I started two days ago...
  10. kbetts


    Putting a belt on a sit drag. I know I don’t need weight bearing necessarily, but I’ll probably be ditching any other harness and I want the peace of mind.
  11. kbetts

    Play it loud.....killer music

    In the spirit of keeping the country/bluegrass song thread true to its roots, here’s the place for those early beast walks.
  12. kbetts

    WTB Hoyt one or two piece quiver

    Preferably the four arrow version. I believe I have a one piece mounting bracket. Color doesn’t matter. Thanks.
  13. kbetts

    The corn is coming down

    Noticed the first field coming off today. Every year, like clockwork, everything changes right at the opener. Even the parts of the bean fields that get the most sun are starting to tint towards yellow. Getting ready to hop in the truck and take a little ride. The season is coming quickly my...
  14. kbetts

    Time to pick?

    This is right across the street from my house. Never collected them before. Are they ripe? I've read a little on here. Seems there are fewer with that dark color. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
  15. kbetts

    Turkey/Goose feathers

    I have bags of these laying around. I can grind full length or grind and cut to shape. Let me know what you you’re looking for and we’ll work something out.
  16. kbetts

    Hitman longbow (traded)

    I traded for it and have hardly ever shot it. Double carbon, 60#. Don’t let the weight scare you.....about 2# less per inch of draw. I draw it to about 27”. Super fast. I’ll post up pics later. $200 tyd
  17. kbetts

    WTB a couple LW minis

    I have four but I want six. Anyone want to part with a pair?
  18. kbetts

    Any compound finger shooters out there?

    I still shoot a release on my z3, but I find it to be a bit slow to operate in hunting situations. Typically that bow will sit until cold weather or when I’m preferring something with a lower draw weight or more compact. I prefer a Black Widow tab and fingers on the string. What I really...
  19. kbetts

    May have platforms for trade

    I'm looking for a fully modded sitdrag and RCH combo. I can find the harness easy enough. I don't want to mod my own sitdrag. I have two treestands that would make good platforms for you guys that use them....I'm a step guy. Both are aluminum and around 5#. One is an original Loggy cheap...
  20. kbetts

    Looking for a friend

    A buddy of mine lost his lease and has been hunting some very good public ground recently. He is interested in a saddle set up for obvious reasons. I told him the first thing is to get a nice set of sticks and I'll help track down a saddle. He's probably a large and it probably needs to be of...