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    Best pack for saddle hunters that pack game out

    Check out Mystery Ranch. I have a pop up 18. I packed out 3 deer with it this year. It works great for me.
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    Saddlepalooza 2021

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    Saddlepalooza 2021

    I wish I could have stayed longer. Hopefully next year. It was nice to meet y’all.
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    ILF bows

    I have a Tradtech Titan ll with Blackmax long limbs. I shoot it just as good if not better than any bow I’ve got.
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    Anyone tried the new Timberninja sticks?

    I have a set ordered. I will let y’all know my thoughts when I get them. I really hope they are good.
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    Climbing sticks

    Heavy as heck! And the locking mechanism works great until it breaks. Which happened about third time I used them.
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    Climbing sticks

    Stay away from the XOPs. I use them on my pre sets and hope someone steals them!
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    Saddlepalooza 2021

    Bring your rubber boots! It’s wet here
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    Saddlepalooza 2021

    I have been working on my Tree Sharks too. I will probably get lucky Thursday! Story of my life!
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    Predator bracket question

    I got both as well. I’m using the black one. It works great for me.
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    Saddlepalooza 2021

    Lol! Drive it like you stole it!
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    Saddlepalooza 2021

    I hope y’all’s 4 wheel drive works. The roads should be real nice!lol
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    Saddlepalooza 2021

    I’m going to try to hunt Thursday and Friday. I won’t camp but I will visit for a few.
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    Saddlepalooza 2021

    What day does this party start?
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    Mystery Ranch packs

    I use a pop up 18. I have carried 3 deer out with it so far. Very pleased with the quality of MR.
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    First public land trip kicked my A$$

    I second the Kodak Canvas. I have the basic 10x10. It’s been in steady down pours and has yet to leak. Heavy but a great tent.
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    New Georgia Saddle Hunter

    Happy Holidays from Tybee Island Ga
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    What bow are you shooting this year, 2020?

    I’m shooting a 45lb Toelke Chinook and a 44lb Border Covert Hunter. Mostly
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    What bow are you shooting this year, 2020?

    18 years old! It might qualify as traditional. Lol
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    2020-2021 Trad Kill Pics

    It just doesn’t get any better than that! Congratulations