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    Recon leg loops

    Can someone please post a picture of how the leg loops attach to the saddle. I do not use them so when I got the saddle I removed them without paying attention. I just sold it to a friend and he would like them on.
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    Kong duck, carabiner and stealth strip

    I just got a kong duck. The fit between the duck and the carabiner makes some metalic sounds. Has anyone stealth striped one or the other? If so which one and why?
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    Short bridge, low tether and ROS

    I recently bought an ESS Saddle. I am a top of stick scout platform, plus 2-3 squirrel steps bow hunter. I have had the ESS for about a month now and have been playing around with my set up. The ESS has eliminated hip pinch which has allowed me to run a 12 inch total length bridge. I have been...
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    Questions for classified users

    What is the preferred way to send a payment to and recieve a payment from someone else. I was thinking about starting a PayPal account? Let me know what you all are using. Thanks in advance.
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    Cobra buckle tag end

    I have a cobra buckle on a battle belt. I was wondering what is the best way to stich the tag end so the buckle cannot slide all the way off.
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    Scout platform and squirrel steps

    I want to purchase some squirrel steps to be used as a ROS with my scout platform. For guys who are using this type of set up, how many squirrel steps should I buy?
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    Tree tether back up

    I am looking into backing up my system. 1. I added a second prusik after my bridge hook up on the tail of my tether. 2. I then added a carineaner to my waist belt on my kite. 3. I then connect the prusik on the tail of the tether to the caribeaner on the waist belt. For all of you veteran...
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    Versa skins saddle hunting jacket

    I was wondering if anyone has a versa skin jacket they used while saddle hunting. It looks like a solid concept. https://versaskins.com/
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    New From Wisconsin

    Hello fellow saddle hunters. I have been silent member for a while. I have just about completed my first year of saddle hunting in northeast Wisconsin. Now that my season is just about over I'm ready to break my silence. I'm looking forward to having all my questions answered. I have been really...