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    String Questions

    Ok, so I’m new to trad and my bow is a 68” Bill Stewart multicam recurve. I’ve read in several places that the string should be 4” shorter than the bow and several places that the string should be 3” shorter......which is it? What is the correct way to measure the string? What string...
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    WTB Hawk Hangout tree seat

    I remember a lot of folks buying these, trying make them into a platform and nobody really liking them. Well I’m looking for one for another purpose so if any of y’all have one laying around collecting dust let me know. Thanks.
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    Protest Thread...

    Tapatalk says I’m logged in, but won’t let me post.....what gives? I need this fixed. Has anyone else had this issue? I can access by computer and Safari on my phone (as evidenced by this thread), but I don’t like it. I’m used to Tapatalk and I need Tapatalk. If I’m on my computer then I’m...
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    Arrow help

    Using a trad bow spine calculator might be the most daunting thing I’ve done and I used to be a nuclear engineer..... I have a 68” Bill Stewart recurve with 45# limbs (the limbs have that funky curve in/curve out to them.....reflex/deflec maybe?? Hell I don’t know) My compound draw length is...
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    The Chinese....

    WTH???....... [emoji23]
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    Question for the Arkansas members....

    Especially the turkey hunters.....area in question is East Central Arkansas. When do the leaves start to bud out on average and when are they starting to fill the canopy? Last week of March? First week of April? Sooner? Later?
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    Another Oplux/Beal Jammy thread

    Ok, I’m using Oplux/Jammy combo on my tether and its too long 35cm for my liking. I cut the sewn section off and tied a figure 8, but there’s very little tag end. Do I think it will fail? No, I don’t, but I’m also not willing to fully trust it either so I ran my LM as a second tether this...
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    The NADB has issued a CWD alert to deer hunters, please read

    The National Alliance of Deer Biologist has identified a correlation with an external condition noticeable on the lower extremities of Whitetail Deer that has shown to correlate well with a deer that is CWD positive. The photo below details the condition to look for.... That is all. Carry on.
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    Wraith shipping update

    Anyone got there’s yet??!?!??? I’m order number 0000000003 and I ain’t seen shinola from those fools that run that show....... [emoji35] I’ve thought about emailing them 17 times and they haven’t thought about emailing me back yet......customer nonservice is what they ought to call it. Calling...
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    10% off ASAT

    Coupon Code "adcock" will get you the 10% off at https://www.asatcamo.com/
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    Bow Holder/Sling.....

    If you use one, which one is it and would you recommend it? Basically, if you use one then start typing.
  12. D

    Predator platform $180 TYD *SOLD*

    Like new, don’t think it’s ever even been stood on. I’ve painted it and strapped it to a tree once, but never even got up on it. I’m not a fan so one of you folks that are or want to find out can have a go at it.
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    Have you ever NOT shared information?

    Have you ever discovered an item and not shared it with the forum because of the “saddle hunter effect” of it getting bought up and no longer available? Obviously a simple “yes” will suffice unless it’s something you later divulged. If no, then feel free to tell the yes’s how bad they suck for...
  14. D

    Stick build

    @DanO double steps and offset brackets. 20” between steps, 22” OAL.
  15. D

    Ropeman 1 $45 TYD *SOLD*

    Taken out of the packaging long enough to play with it. This is the only picture I have of it right now....
  16. D

    Full Size LW Sticks For Sale *SOLD*

    I climbed twice with these sticks. Rope mod. I’ll get some pics tomorrow. $175 TYD PayPal.
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    Ropeman 2 *SOLD*

    Used, maybe 4 climbs total. $45 TYD.
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    Ropeman 1 *SOLD*

    Brand new. $45 TYD
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    Saw another SaddleHunter at.....

    .....Waffle House this morning.
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    Aider build

    Pretty standard 2 step aider made with tubular webbing and static line to hold the stirrup open. The top step is just over 6’ in this pic, but I can easily stretch that to 7’..... I was quick to discover that after seating your foot in the stirrup if you put your toes into the tree it will...