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    Tethrd ONE climbing sticks

    Dear Tethrd, There has been a fair amount of discussion about Tethrd ONE climbing sticks in the general forum. In that forum, there are reports of the chemical weld that bonds the titanium tube and standoff failing on some of the ONE sticks. I was hoping discussion in the Vendor Access Area...
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    If you’ve never seen the tree bike...

    It’s sort of a fun watch: And they’re still around and legal where bark damage is prohibited :) https://www.forestry-suppliers.com/product_pages/products.php?mi=16601&itemnum=27170&redir=Y
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    10% off Sitewide OOAL

    As the title says, 10% off at Out On A Limb
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    Doublesteps: straight, angled, Beast, EWO, Catalyst, other...any preference?

    With lots of DIY stick builds, we have a few options in doublesteps and I’m wondering if folks are finding a preference amongst them, despite only minor differences. For example, slotted EWO steps for one sticking with a sewn in aider. Or, Beast steps because of cost and security of two bolt...
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    Cam Climber

    Well, sorta... I’ve just begun my build of a climber-saddle hunting platform that will perform better than the LWHC method for me (I hope). Essentially, it’s a climber with some cam action for stability. I cut down a Lone Wolf Sit and Climb platform. I still need to grind the cut ends smooth...