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  1. Hannah Nyitrai

    One Step Moveable Aider

    I posted an "ISO" in classifieds. Wondering, is there any kind of one step moveable aider that you can buy? Not much into DIY. Basically don't trust myself, I'd rather buy something from someone that knows what they're doing if I can afford to. I googled them and all that came up is the ladder...
  2. Hannah Nyitrai


    I'm tentatively looking for the items above. Thank you! Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  3. Hannah Nyitrai

    Wild Plum?

    Went on a little scouting excursion yesterday. Found this tree. I'm thinking wild plum. Does anyone know if deer like them? If so, any experience hunting over them? Found a fresh rub as well. Temps are supposed to be coming down this weekend, can't wait to be out again. Sent from my SM-G970U...
  4. Hannah Nyitrai


    Does a thermacell cancel out a scent free efforts? It smells strong to me, does it bother deer? Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  5. Hannah Nyitrai

    BOLO for suspicious vines!

    Shouldn't have climbed this tree. You'd think someone who is highly allergic to poison ivy would have noticed it. Sometimes you gotta laugh to keep from crying!
  6. Hannah Nyitrai

    DIY Saddle Setup Silencing?

    Best videos and/or tips for how to silence your whole setup? I have a mantis, predator platform and muddy aerolite sticks. I'm not the stealthiest person in the woods and need all the help I can get!
  7. Hannah Nyitrai

    Knee protection

    Wanting to hear what the pros and cons are for either knee pads or a seat cushion style pad?
  8. Hannah Nyitrai

    "Green horn" from the Ozarks

    Coming in from Northeast Arkansas. Hope to be successful my first year in a saddle. My season starts September 1st for an urban hunt in a nearby city. #fillthefreezer
  9. Hannah Nyitrai

    Women in a saddle

    Hey there! Quick question from a newb. I have been practicing from the saddle in my yard and it seems to me, especially on the more challenging shots, that I'm exerting more energy thus wearing out quicker shooting my bow out of the saddle than I would standing on the ground or a stand. Is this...