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Search results

  1. avgjoe

    LH Garmin Xero A1i

    Left-handed Garmin Xero A1i in excellent condition. The electronic portion of the sight was replaced by Garmin a couple of months ago because I was having problems with it. (Turns out it was user error.) Also includes some extra screws as they use aluminum to lower weight, but they can strip...
  2. avgjoe

    First Lite Guide Lite pants $49

    $49.99 at Sierra Trading Company Normally $140. https://www.sierra.com/s~first-lite-guide/
  3. avgjoe

    Sold: Sitka Stratus bibs, Large

    Stratus bibs, size large, bought new late in the season last year. Wore them a few times. Washed once and stored in a scent-free tote. $250 PayPal F&F Fanatic vest, also size large. Fits great over the large stratus jacket. $175 PayPal F&F - SOLD Pretty firm on the prices, but I would do $400...
  4. avgjoe

    Please close - Predator Pack

    Trying to streamline, but I also need to carry my Thermacell and coffee. Priorities....
  5. avgjoe

    SOLD - Q2i Fusion X-II SL Vanes White 2.1 100 Pack

    Bought the sl by mistake. These are low profile vanes. Didn’t think they’d be ideal for my fixed blade broadheads. $20 tyd.
  6. avgjoe

    Gen 1 Predator warranty

    Anyone know if Tethrd is still replacing broken gen 1 predators? My daughter broke this one in the back yard. She had it partly on a big knot, but I didn’t think anything of it. I was just glad to see her excited about hunting out of a saddle this year...
  7. avgjoe

    Ghillie suit SOLD

    Worn very little. Comes with jacket, pants, and hat/headcover. Packs up pretty small into it’s own bag. Size medium/large. I’m 5’9” ~180lbs. and I’ve got plenty of room even over my cold weather clothing. $100 OBO
  8. avgjoe

    Do I need a new saddle?

    Been using an old Trophyline ambush for years. Modded it last year by cutting off the leg loops and suspenders. Used the suspenders to make a belt with a raptor buckle, and cut off the attached lineman's belt and sewed them into lineman loops. Been considering getting a new saddle (for next...
  9. avgjoe

    PSA: discounted Ropeman 2

    Just bought a Ropeman 2 on Amazon for $39.99. With one day shipping. Not sure how long that price will last. Seemed too good to pass up...
  10. avgjoe

    WTT Wild Edge Stepps for Spurs or Predator platform TRADED

    I have 8 Wild Edge Stepps with bag. Only used this last hunting season. (probably 20-30 climbs). Looking for some Climb Right aluminum with the ultra light pads or a Predator platform. Not looking to sell at this time.
  11. avgjoe

    Trophyline mod - adding lineman loops

    I've got a TL Ambush that I've had for years, that I've never liked the built in lineman belt. It's heavy, loud, and hard to adjust while you're climbing. I just bought a speedy stitcher, and I'm seriously considering cutting the ends off the lineman belt and fashioning it into loops on either...
  12. avgjoe

    New from Oklahoma

    Been saddle hunting for years out of a TL Ambush. I thought I was the only one.... Glad to find this forum. Thanks to you guys, I bought some WE stepps and built a knaider/swaider to try out this year. Excited about this hunting season.