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    Marsupial gear bino pack

    I'm looking to buy a marsupial gear bino pack. Does anyone have the regular one they'd like to sell before I buy a new one?
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    Stan xtinction

    I have a stan xtinction version 2 for sale. I have the boa strap and the stock stan strap. I might be interested in trades too. Let me know what ya got to trade. $100 tyd
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    Nock to it

    I have a nock to it I'm looking to trade for a sweet spot pro. I prefer the quicksilver flex but might look hard at the original sweet spot pro. I might also be interested in trading it for a eastern woods single stick setup. I have an ultraview thumb peg on it right now but I also have a...
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    Wtb a Youth bow

    I have a buddy looking for an adjustable right handed bow for his 10 year old son. Something like a diamond razor edge or a mission of some sort. Let me know what you have available. Thanks, Doug
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    Eberlestock x2

    I'm looking to buy a good comdition eberlestock x2. I am leaving for an out of state hunt and need it by Thursday of next week. Text me if you got one to sell. 843-810-1769. Camo color isn't really important. Thanks
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    Kong Duck users

    Do any of you that use the Kong Ducks have any issues with trust? This year will be my second year as a saddle hunter and I have the 8mm oplux ropes and 2 kong ducks. After watching this video, it has me questioning my choice. I'm wondering if the CT rollnlock would be better suited for my needs.
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    wildken adjustable aider

    I know I'm a new guy, but I saw this somewhere and had to give it props. It's adjustable around your foot, and the length is adjustable. I just slide it up next to the vertical post on my beast sticks on my top step. It worked great...
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    First saddle kills

    I'm fairly new to the site and am very new to the saddle hunting way of life. My first saddle kill was with the bow. A decent sized doe. I set up in a pine tree on the edge of some live oaks and a cut over. 3 does came out directly in front of me. I was hidden behind the tree. I was sitting and...
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    Accuracy shooting from a saddle

    I read all the time how easy it is to shoot from a saddle with a little practice. My question is how far do most of you shoot accurately out of a saddle? Do you feel you are just as accurate out of it as you are from a stand? Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
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    olpux sewn eyes

    So I'm very new to this saddle hunting. I now have everything I need to give it a go. I bought 2 of the oplux sewn eye ropes from wild edge inc. One for my linesman belt and one for my tree tether. I know I'm probably overthinking this, but wouldn't a knot on the oplux be better than a sewn eye...
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    Bridge questions

    If you had a choice on your bridge, would you like it fixed on both sides or fixed on one side with a carabiner on the other? I just got my new saddle and it's an adjustable webbing bridge that's fixed on one side and I'm not sure if I should have e went fixed on both sides. I'm brand new to the...
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    Kong duck carabiner

    I'm trying to get everything I need to get started saddle hunting. I have 2 kong ducks on the way. I've heard that oval carabiners work best. Can anybody give me recommendations as to which one would be the best option? Thanks in advance, Doug
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    8 wild edge steps

    I have 8 brand new wild edge steps with the bag in the unopened box. I bought them with the intention of using them but decided to use sticks instead. i just want my money back for em. 8 steps was $128 and shipping was $20. It's gonna cost me at least $10 to ship them. I'll take $150 paypal. I...
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    Lone wolf hand climber top

    Hello everyone. I'm about to take the plunge and see what all this saddle hunting is about. I'm torn between the mantis and the Kestrel flex. The size chart for the mantis says that I can use a large or possibly the xl. I aim 6' and between 230 and 240 lbs depending on the season. I've read...
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    EZY climb folding rope steps

    I'm a new member here but I have been on archerytalk for quite a while. I have the same username if you'd like to check. I have great feed back. I have 10 of the EZY climb folding rope steps that I'd like to sell. Only a couple have been used. Most of them have never even been unwrapped. I'm...