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Search results

  1. Chrighton

    WTS - Badlands Eastern Day pack

    FOR SALE - Like new Badlands Eastern Day pack. $80 TYD via PayPal F&F or you add the fees. Great pack... I have too many. See pics.
  2. Chrighton

    WTS - Eberlestock A2MP MULTIPACK ACCESSORY POUCH - multicam

    FOR SALE - Like new Eberlestock A2MP MULTIPACK ACCESSORY POUCH - multicam $40 TYD via PayPal F&F or you add the fees. https://eberlestock.com/products/multipack-accessory-pouch
  3. Chrighton

    WTS - Backwoods Mobile Gear Papoose

    FOR SALE - New Backwoods Mobile Gear Papoose $120 TYD via PayPal F&F or you add the fees. https://www.backwoodsmobilegear.com/shop-online/the-papoose Mine is slightly different then the one shown in the link (mine is the original version). No padded strap on my version. I'm not sure what...
  4. Chrighton

    WTS - Wild Edge Battlement platform

    For sale - like new Wild Edge Battlement platform. Tried it out on a few trees only. $175 TYD via PayPal F&F or you add the fees.
  5. Chrighton

    WTS - Cruzr backband

    For sale - New Cruzr backband. See pics. $25 TYD via PayPal F&F or you add the fees.
  6. Chrighton

    WTS - Tethrd One sticks 3-pack

    For sale 3-pack of like New Tethrd One Sticks. Only one has been on a tree. I swapped out all pins to new and have originals and a spare set of replacements. See pics. $325 TYD via PayPal F&F or you add the fees.
  7. Chrighton

    Rope clinic series on YT

    Great general rope info. from bushcraft expert Dave Canterbury, whom I was first introduced to from Dual Survival, one of my favorite shows. Not directly saddle related, but great info for those of us new to saddle hunting and/or using ropes. I haven't watched all of them yet, but thought I...
  8. Chrighton

    WTS - Petzl Grigri +

    For sale - like new Petzl Grigri + belay device. Manual included, original packaging not included. $125 TYD Great device I just have too many and prefer the safeguard. See images.
  9. Chrighton

    ISO Predator Fall Grey Cordura

    Does anyone have Predator Fall Grey cordura they would be willing to part with, or have a lead on where to find some?
  10. Chrighton

    Mesh TX5 Xpand Saddle - Like New size Medium

    FOR SALE $300 TYD - Like new TX5 Xpand Saddle in Mesh - size Medium Adjustable 8mm Oplux Bridge, which is longer than stock... cut it down if you prefer shorter. Very little sign of wear (shown on pics) is on the leg buckles, which Matthew applies a coating. Personally, I don't like the...
  11. Chrighton

    WTS - Trophyline Covert Lite M/L Saddle with (2) pouches

    WTS - Trophyline Covert Lite M/L Saddle with (2) pouches - see images. Saddle is in brand new condition... stock bridge shown, never used. Can ship via UPS - USPS as been very unreliable in my area. $180 TYD
  12. Chrighton

    WE Battlement

    I got an e-mail from Wild Edge. They have 100 of these Battlement platforms available. Looks like a good option to climb with aider like @Red Beard had demonstrated.
  13. Chrighton

    FS: Latitude Method saddle (buckle version) with 2 latitude dump pouches - $325 TYD

    For Sale: Latitude Method Saddle (Austri-alpin Buckle version) with 2 Latitude Outdoors dump pouches. Like new $325 TYD
  14. Chrighton

    WTT Std. Harken cam-matic 150 cam cleat for micro

    I'm interested in trading my Standard Harken cam-matic 150 cam cleat for the Harken micro. Is anyone not comfortable with the micro weight rating and would want to trade? If so, please let me know. Mine is new/unused in original packaging.
  15. Chrighton

    FS - TX-5 Xpand saddle size large -$200 TYD

    For sale TX-5 Xpand size large grey mesh saddle. Great lightweight and comfortable saddle. . Cobra adjustable waist buckle . 8mm Oplux removable/adjustable long bridge with 6mm TRC scwabish hitch with tender . lightweight Grivel plume twin gate carabiner . leg loops with g-hooks . molle loops...
  16. Chrighton

    FS - Treehopper Recon Sling $120 TYD - Sold

    Smaller size Treehopper Recon Sling with adjustable 8mm Oplux bridge (a long one), dump pouch and leg loops (not shown in pics, but unused and original). Like new condition - $120 TYD CONUS Great setup I'm just leaning more towards another.
  17. Chrighton

    SH / Climbing items FOR SALE

    $15 TYD (3) Brand new Wild Edge replacement ropes (6ft) with Splicing instructions $100 TYD PSE Promax 62 Recurve package $25 TYD Brand New Rothco Molle Pouch (perfect for rapel setup) - from DanO's site $50 TYD Brand New CUSTOM Ultralight DanO stand offs anodized FOR 3/4in WIDE POST! CUSTOM...
  18. Chrighton

    Ernie you scoundrel

    @Erniepower haha
  19. Chrighton

    WTS Tenzing TT15 pack $50 TYD

    FOR SALE: Tenzing TT15 Kryptec Typhoon Tactical Backpack - $50 TYD NWT - see pics Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  20. Chrighton

    FS: GamePlan Gear Leech Pack - SOLD

    For sale: Good used condition GamePlan Gear Leech Pack. Great treestand/platform pack. No longer made. Specs can be found here: https://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/gameplan-gear-leech-tree-stand-pack?a=1855396 I had previously purchased this off classifieds... pictures are...