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    JRB Hitch for Rappel and Tether applications

    After submission to the International Guild of Knot Tyers and an extensive series of tests, I am releasing this knot in the form of this video. In a conventional saddle hunting situation, my tether is also my rappel rope, set once with the JRB hitch, with no need to use a quick link or to run...
  2. J

    Simple way to add a redundant bridge

    Having a 2nd or redundant bridge can be a handy positioning, climbing and safety feature no matter how you climb. This is how I tie mine. I like my primary bridge very long to minimize hip pinch and my backup nice and short. If you're not familiar with my rope climbing system, there's a playlist...
  3. J

    The JRB Hitch, a secure, quick release hitch

    Team, After researching to no avail, trying to determine if this hitch I devised had been previously published, I submitted to the International Guild of Knot Tyers and then released it on my YouTube channel. This message is NOT authorization to use it for life safety applications, but I am...