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  1. avgjoe

    300 spine arrows sold

    Are the fact weights the 50 grain?
  2. avgjoe

    LH Garmin Xero A1i

    Sold - please close
  3. avgjoe

    Alternative to Tethrd HYS Strap?

    I did the exact same thing. Added a hero clip for my bow and some s biners for backpack, spurs, and whatever else I need to hang up. Packs up small and works great.
  4. avgjoe

    LH Garmin Xero A1i

  5. avgjoe

    LH Garmin Xero A1i

    Left-handed Garmin Xero A1i in excellent condition. The electronic portion of the sight was replaced by Garmin a couple of months ago because I was having problems with it. (Turns out it was user error.) Also includes some extra screws as they use aluminum to lower weight, but they can strip...
  6. avgjoe

    First Lite Guide Lite pants $49

    $49.99 at Sierra Trading Company Normally $140. https://www.sierra.com/s~first-lite-guide/
  7. avgjoe

    Wife Season

    Nothing's better when it's good, and nothing's worse when it goes wrong. That said, it's not 50/50..... It's 100/100 (I learned that from my wife, lol) Both parties have to be all-in for a marriage to work. And part of that is wife season....
  8. avgjoe

    Crossbow recommendation?

    I agree completely. I bought 2 centerpoint snipers for my 2 older kids to use about 3-4 years ago when they weren't big enough to consistenly shoot a compound accurately. I upgraded the arrows to some .001 Black Eagles that I found on sale, and that made them tack drivers. Bullseye all day...
  9. avgjoe

    Why ain't he dead? (Archers only)

    Got another one... About 25 feet up in a homemade 2x2 platform with my daughter. I got her into saddle-hunting this year, so she wanted to do a hunt together. Couple of does start coming down the trail at my 3 o'clock. She wants me to shoot one, so she can video it on her phone. The lead...
  10. avgjoe

    Why ain't he dead? (Archers only)

    ~25 years of bow hunting experience About 20 feet up in a group of 3-4 smallish trees. Heard a buck grunt across the opening from me (80ish yards away). Look up and mature buck is standing in the edge, and starts slowly moving from my left to right. Lose him in the woods until he pops out...
  11. avgjoe

    The No-Shame Thread

    Took my bow to the shop to get new strings put on this year. Got it home and it was a tack driver. I promptly cranked the limb bolts down and started trying to bareshaft tune my arrows “ranch fairy” style. Even moved the rest a little. Now this thing shoots like hot dog crap. Point of impact...
  12. avgjoe

    The No-Shame Thread

    This 1000%. It’s not a successful hunt unless I kill at least one armadillo. I even have a special arrow in my quiver for that purpose only...
  13. avgjoe

    Camouflaging non-hunting clothes

    I had a neighbor several years ago that swore by regular ole rattle can spray paint.... Logically, seems like it would break up your outline if done right, and that stuff seems to stick pretty well to any article of clothing I've ever gotten it on.
  14. avgjoe

    Sold: Sitka Stratus bibs, Large

    Bibs sold. Please close.
  15. avgjoe

    Sharpening broadheads

    Can't watch the video at work, but I've used the RADA sharpener this year, and I've put the same head through 2 deer (and into the dirt once). Works great and it's fast, cheap, and easy.
  16. avgjoe

    In defense of my flipper flappers

    I've used both and had good and bad blood trails with both. I agree there are too many variables to predict the blood trail based solely on the broadhead. Switched to QAD Exodus a couple of years ago because my kids started crossbow hunting and I wanted us to all use the same broadhead for...
  17. avgjoe

    Sold: Sitka Stratus bibs, Large

    Fanatic vest is sold.
  18. avgjoe

    Sold: Sitka Stratus bibs, Large

    Vest SPF
  19. avgjoe

    Sold: Sitka Stratus bibs, Large

    Stratus bibs, size large, bought new late in the season last year. Wore them a few times. Washed once and stored in a scent-free tote. $250 PayPal F&F Fanatic vest, also size large. Fits great over the large stratus jacket. $175 PayPal F&F - SOLD Pretty firm on the prices, but I would do $400...
  20. avgjoe

    Can someone identify this model climber?

    Looks like a Viper to me...