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    WE Stepps, WE aider, Knaider/Swaider, ROS, and daisy chains FS

    Looking to sell some stuff I haven't been using instead of just having it take up space. 8 WE Stepps with 8 step bag. I vet taped 5 of them and put two zip ties on them so I could use the WE aider without it sliding around. All have 6' ropes. Used the 5 once last year and a handful of times the...
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    Sitka and Kifaru on camofire today

    Lots of stuff people seem to like. Just a heads up.
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    Amsteel Guy/Red Beard Workhorse

    I had previously asked if anyone had gotten any hands on with the Workhorse and being that there wasn't much out there from anyone who had purchased one I figured I'd take the plunge and see how I like it. First off if you order one watch @Red Beard 's video on how to put it together. Better yet...
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    WTB Mission platform and XOP vanish

    Looking to buy a mission platform and a XOP vanish Let me know what you got. Would like to compare it to my Predator and possibly use either for a project.
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    Mission platform on XOP stand?

    Just wondering if this is possible. Kind of a LWCG .5 type build with no cables. I can't find what the size of the tube is on the XOP stand. I imagine the Mission platform is a standard 1" tube. Anyone think this is possible?
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    Amsteel Work Horse from EWO

    Anyone on here give this a shot with a predator platform yet? I figure it would work the same way as redbeard shows with the scout but wanted to ask before ordering one for next season. I'm also wondering if it comes with the carabiner cam jam looking thing...
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    Madrock Lifeguard in stock

    They got a few in stock for y'all who are looking for them. I'm tempted to order one but my Beal Birdie I just bought works well enough for me...
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    First deer down!

    So I'll start by saying I'm jacked to share my hunt but as a warning to the reader I didn't use a saddle or a bow. So continue at your own risk. My buddy bought an awesome house this spring on 7.7 acres in the middle of a bunch of farmland in western MN. He's a deer hunter like me but unlike me...
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    **SOLD** OG Sys Hauler, Gear Strap, Trophyline pouch, and Ambush Lite M/L

    Hey all. Looking to sell some stuff after buying some new stuff this year. I added the cobra buckle on the Ambush after using the factory buckle for a season. Huge improvement in my opinion. Saddle and everything else is other wise factory equipment. Gear strap is a gear strap not the one rated...
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    FS or Trade Under Armour Realtree Xtra - pants and jacket

    Looking to sell my pants and jacket I bought last year. Nothing wrong with them I just wanted to get something new and a little bit bigger. Under Armour Cold Gear Realtree Xtra pattern Jacket - Size Medium Under Armour Cold Gear Realtree Xtra pattern pants - Size Medium They're both part of...
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    Lone wolf stick mod

    Hey guys. Long story short I hunted last weekend with my 4 LW sticks and made so much noise I bumped a doe away from my friend who was up in a stand before I got there. By the end of my climb I was cursing my sticks and decided to pick a different climbing method. I'm wondering if anyone has...
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    Tethrd Mantis

    Just ordered my saddle yesterday 10/21. Hoping to get it in the two weeks they say. Would like to get out a few more times this year and possibly see at least one deer.