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Search results

  1. Redoak47*

    Memorial day

    Are there any good Memortal day sales?
  2. Redoak47*


    Does anyone have a discount code for Sitka?
  3. Redoak47*


    When do the TX5 saddles go on sale?
  4. Redoak47*


    For fellows that SRT, is using the hand ascender with the pulley on it easier? Went out and tried SRT but my hand ascender doesn't have a pulley, I found it more difficult than DRT.
  5. Redoak47*

    TX5 Custom Gear

    Has anyone done a review on the TX5 Custom Gear Saddle? I am looking for a saddle for a bigger type fellow.
  6. Redoak47*


    Got the cam-cleat put on my Shikar mini with flat scout, weights in at 2 pounds 5ozs.
  7. Redoak47*

    Catalyst Ion

    Who all took the plunge and placed an order?
  8. Redoak47*

    OOAL discount code

    Does anyone know of any discount codes for OOAL?TA
  9. Redoak47*


    Does any one know of any discount codes for LWCG? TIA
  10. Redoak47*

    DIY single stick climbing

    On average how long are you making your stick for 1 sticking? I layed out 15 inches left 5/8 on each end and my step spacing was 12 inches.
  11. Redoak47*

    Mad Rock Safeguard

    How do ppl silence the madrock and the carabiner ? It makes a racket with that metal to metal. But sill able to slid through with no snagging. TIA
  12. Redoak47*

    Cam cleat

    Would the harken micro clam cleat be safe to use on a climbing stick?
  13. Redoak47*

    climbing stick stand offs

    What climbing stick has the deepest stand off? Most room between step and tree.
  14. Redoak47*


    Are there any discount codes for LWCG, was looking into buy that .5 stand?
  15. Redoak47*

    Cruzr saddle

    Does anyone have a discount code for the cruzr saddle?TIA
  16. Redoak47*


    Gots my utilibridge made pur it on my Kestrel Flex.
  17. Redoak47*

    Single bevel broadheads

    What is the best single bevel broadhead? Plan on getting some was wondering what ppl experience have been and are there any brands to stay away from.TIA
  18. Redoak47*

    Amsteel bridge

    After you make continuous loop around Bridge loop how do you attach it to the amsteel bridge? In a pursik knot?
  19. Redoak47*

    Heavy arrow

    Just out of curiosity, what arrows did you choose for guys that are shooting over 60 pounds and over 28 inch draw lenght? For your heavy arrow build. Not sure what i am going to go with yet.
  20. Redoak47*


    Well went and ordered the Phantom saddle, hope it fits my fluffy butt.