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Search results

  1. SnakeEater

    Stick, cell cam and ASAT

    One stick build, angled scout and EWO components. $180 ASAT classic button up shirt, brand new size medium. SOLD Spypoint Link micro lte-Verizon 10mp camera, brand new never opened. $95
  2. SnakeEater

    Sold please close: Latitude method

    Method for sale, used for one season. Comes with diy metal less waist belt and cobra buckle belt. Has Oplux bridge but can include diy Amsteel bridge like the version 2. Comes with extra panel clip. $200 tyd PayPal f&f.
  3. SnakeEater

    Kuiu $50 off $250

    Just got some stuff with my kuiu account and they gave me this link. Figured I’d put it up incase someone was wanting to order some gear. https://share.kuiu.com/x/2nCXWq
  4. SnakeEater

    Sold, pls close

    Brand new, never opened Spothogg fast Eddie double pin. .010 pins, top green and bottom yellow, right handed. Found one at my local shop before mine arrived. $235 tyd PayPal f&f or buy pays fee.
  5. SnakeEater


    Total peep sight in 1/8th. $20 each TYD My V3 27” has too steep a string angle for this but it does as advertised. Only on string for a dozen or so shots. paypal f&f or buyer pays additional 3%
  6. SnakeEater

    Anyone saddle hunt Washington state?

    Looks like I’m going to be moving to Washington state next winter and haven’t heard anything about guys hunting out there on the site. Just looking to see what the community looks like out there.
  7. SnakeEater

    Sold, pls close

    125gr kudupoint broadheads, 4 (1 was shot into target a few times) other 3 are new. all are sharp and ready to go. Comes with case. $55tyd PayPal f&f These things are awesome, killed 3 deer with them this year and I’m only selling to switch to 150 grain.
  8. SnakeEater

    Sold, please close

    125 gr right bevel, 1 was used as a practice head. All are sharp and great condition. $60 tyd PayPal f&f
  9. SnakeEater

    Sold, please close.

    65# @ 27.5” draw $900 TYD Comes with IQ pro hunter sight, Mathews integrated rest, limb saver stabilizer and octane quiver.
  10. SnakeEater


    200 grain overkill XXL broadheads. 1 was shot into a foam target twice then resharpened. $55 TYD PayPal F&F or buyer pays fees Possible trades for heavier broadheads or saddle gear.
  11. SnakeEater

    Pls close

    Aim scout scope, brand new comes with rings. Pic of specs below and scope. $50TYD PayPal F&F or buyer pays fee. Possible trades for heavier broadheads or saddle gear.
  12. SnakeEater

    Vintage hat, Random gear FS/FT

    Zinger fletchings for Standard diameter arrows, 1 dozen $15 Blue Force Gear expandable dump pouch $20 Duxbak classic hat, reversible blaze orange outside flap and inner ear flaps. Small size ~7 1/4. SOLD Armageddon gear cheeky bastard rifle cheek rest, comes with removable layer for added...
  13. SnakeEater

    Fixed crawl

    Wondering if anyone shoots using a fixed crawl method for aiming and mainly will cant have a lot of effect on arrow impact with this method?
  14. SnakeEater

    Pls close, started new listing

    Alpz Outdoors pursuit pack, lightly used early this season - SOLD Zinger z4 3degree right offset fletchings, will fit .299-.301 outer diameter, 12 never used - $25 Paracord/leather bow wrist strap, new - $12 Fred Eichler leather shooting tab, lightly used - $18 Blue force gear stashable dump...
  15. SnakeEater

    Lighted nock fit troubles

    So I got some nocturnals that I shoot on my compound and also are the same size needed for my trad arrows, only problem is they are really loose on my trad bow string and I’m worried about them falling off the string when I draw. Anyone have experience with this or have a lighted nock that has a...
  16. SnakeEater

    Need some input on shot

    So I just hit a nice buck but I think I hit his elbow and maybe got 6” of penetration. Shot placement and blood pics are below. What are your thoughts, current plan is to wait another 1.5hrs and follow. Shot him around 3:35pm. I only trailed 20 yards or so and he was opening up more at the 20...
  17. SnakeEater

    AAE Trad Vanes

    Anyone have any experience with these. I recently dove into the trad game not having shot one since I was a kid. Anyways I enjoy building and tuning arrows for my set ups and was interested in these but wanted to see if anyone has any input on them. I shoot off the shelf. Also, I’ve been...
  18. SnakeEater

    Cruzr Back Band SOLD PLS CLOSE

    Lightly used in like new condition. Went to a 2 panel saddle and no longer need. $25 tyd PayPal f&f or buy pays fee. Sent from parts unknown
  19. SnakeEater

    SOLD PLS CLOSE Tethrd Menace FS size medium

    Medium menace, brand new. $180 tyd PayPal f&f or buy add 3% - open to trades, looking for a new pack Sent from parts unknown
  20. SnakeEater

    SOLD, PLEASE CLOSE Small Trehopper Recon Sling

    Small Trehopper recon sling for sale. Has extra Molle sewn on it from treehopper so you can g hook the panels together while seated and ad leg straps with g hooks. Has diy adjustable length rope bridge and adjustable rope belt. Rubber removed from metal. Added webbing hooks to hold it in place...