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    Alps outdoorz bino harness - sold

    $25 tyd. Binocular harness. Maybe used once or twice. Great condition.
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    Trail cameras on public land. what's your take

    Use trapping wire instead of the straps. A 1” band around a tree catches my eye way before the actual camera does. I put em about 9-10’ high. Most importantly don’t put them in obvious or high traffic spots. I’ve found many pointed at logging roads, old 4wheeler paths, and open oak flats...
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    New Gear release 2021

    And maybe it works great on gen X cause it is working on you. If they didn’t post a sneak peek picture you wouldn’t be on here reading and talking about it, but you are. And that’s exactly what marketing is.... generating buzz.
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    FS Backband - $22

    Had some extra material around so made a few of these. USA made Heavy duty ladder lock on one side and milspec quick connect/ladder lock on the other. Cordura backed webbing. - $22 TYD for backband only - $27 TYD for backband & matching cordura carry pouch
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    If your looking for a recon small I have a buddy that has one for sale. I can get you his email if you want?
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    tattletale lol
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    Trophyline Ambush Leg straps

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    Help! Tired of Freezing Hands!

    I think the first lite gloves you have are your best bet for warmth if you’re looking to still be able to actually move your fingers and grab stuff. Once it gets to teens and 20s I will wear jersey gloves to and from the stand, pockets while in the stand. Wrapping metal in stealth strips and...
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    Another Safety Issue we don’t discuss much

    this same dude posted a now deleted video about a year ago bashing people who use saddles because they’re so dangerous. how ironic lol https://saddlehunter.com/community/index.php?threads/selling-my-saddle.22504/
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    Time to think about replacement boots

    my gumleafs are more comfortable than any leather or hiking boot I’ve worn. Walked 8 miles in them in the mountains just yesterday. I can wear them down to low 30s. Lower than that and I throw some of those sticky toe warmers in the front. Not cheap but they’re supposed to last many years. They...
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    Looking for knife recommendations

    Anything that’s a nessmuck style
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    A Few Tips From An Old Fart

    My way is better
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    A Few Tips From An Old Fart

    Sounds painful. why don’t you just press your sneeze button. That groove between the base of your nose and your upper lip. Hold it till your sneeze goes away
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    Rookie question on boots and saddles

    hi mitchel. First off good on you for being open minded and trying something new at 70. That is cool and kindve rare. It seems like a lot of people would rather argue about boots than help you with your question. If there is anything to argue about they’ll find it. I’m sure you know your choice...
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    Wildedge platform pictures

    Posted some updates pictures of this today
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    The No-Shame Thread

    Im ashamed that I’ve been taking advice on here from a buncha people who haven’t killed a single deer, barely go hunting, are too lazy to get outta bed, and are scared of the dark.
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    We can’t all just quit. All that crap is what makes success taste so sweet. Bow hunting PA public land sucks and takes a lot of hard work... but that’s why I love it.