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    What tool/item/method/setting have you tried once and never again due to experience?

    Just curious about other's experiences. I'll go first and I might be a very small minority, but I will never use spurs again after trying them out. No, I did not have an accident, and yes I was using raw/old/heavy equipment that's been well used for decades. Not those new Gecko Carbon Fiber...
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    Should new and inexperienced hunters sit out the early season and wait for the rut?

    Follow up on a thread recently about taking time off from hunting. Wife and I had a talk. She said she really need my help this season. With a new born and trying to get the kids back into pre-COVID routine, she would appreciate if we spend more time together doing stuff with the kids on the...
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    What age, style, weapon did you or your kids start with?

    My oldest is 7, he stated many times he want to hunt one day. Anytime I'm out practicing or tinkering with gears he wants to be involved. I got him a bow, but honestly he does not have a passion for it yet, maybe as he get older. He likes shooting guns more, I'm not sure if he actually like the...
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    Alternative to Thermacell?

    In Maryland I only carried it while scouting last year, now that I'm on my quest to balance minimalist, the Thermacell is something I really want to leave if possible. I know I know, you boys from the south think Thermacell is the greatest thing in the world. But I really hate carrying it around...
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    A really good safety harness for amazing price on Ebay Deus X-100 for $24.99

    Its not me that is selling it, l promise! I got 2 of these things. They are really good quality and they are WAYYYYY over built, the guys at the DIY section can do amazing things, but these stitching are heavy duty. If nothing else, you are getting 3 official AustriAlpin Cobra Buckles (one with...
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    How do you play the wind if you are limited to one location?

    I plan to hunt public lands in Maryland. We are required to reserved most location in advance and can not reserves more then one place in a region. So usually I'm cement to where I will hunt a week in advance. So how do I approach the hunt? During scouting, if I find a trail or location that I...
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    Advice on Hand Ascender purchase for novice in regards to SRT?

    Just wanted to ask a few questions from folks who been SRTing. After reading all the debate about SRT/onestick/sticks/etc, I wanted to know more about it. Especially the gears and proper maintanance of hand ascender for SRTing. Just want to try it. Was thinking of just using a prussic but...
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    Frankenstein Ambush platform

    Disclaimers. Typical statements applies. Everything at your own risk etc etc. Wanted to upgraded from my trusty Klemz platform. Saw someone post that Lwcg was selling just the platform piece for $80. Had some birthday money left so pulled the gun. Slowly gathered pieces from the classified...
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    The new Trophyline Novix Mini Double Steps

    Ok...I understand they basically listen or watched the way the market was going. They look nice enough and will probably work great. But I don't know if I buy the 'budget friendly' label that they are advertised as. $219.99 for a set? That is not a deal. Guessing they weight almost the same as...
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    Dye my Recon Sling

    Disclaimers. I held my own safety. Not your. I felt confident enough to do it. Etc etc. After researching and thinking about it for a while l decided to do it. I inspection the material and can not seen any deterioration of sewing, fibers, or stitches. Again. Im not saying camo matter for...
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    Are knots for webbing just as safe as sewed loop?

    No access to a sewing machine for the foreseeable future. Want to make some webbing aiders. Is this just as safe, any fear of slippage? https://www.canyoneeringusa.com/techtips/webbingknotsparttwo
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    Are there any structural concerns with material strength with dyeing a saddle?

    I'll be honest, I love my Recon and don't plan to get another saddle anytime soon (famous words most of us say before buying another saddle next day). But I just don't love the color. I know I know, camo does not put meat on the table. But to me it just stand out compare to all the other earth...
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    How big can a platform be before its structurally unsafe without cable support?

    Just curious and wondering if anyone with engineering experience (or any suggestions really) can weight in. I just noticed a lot of the newer platform are just getting bigger and bigger. At some point they are going to be as big as the LWCG .5 maybe. Once noticeable differences between saddle...
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    Eberlestock Dagger in the Outlet section for 49.99

    Sadly, I have more packs then I can ever use in my life time. If not I would grab this up. I guess the Timber Veil camo pattern wasnt very popular. https://eberlestock.com/collections/outlet/products/h7-dagger-hydration-pack-timber-veil
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    I'm confused about proper draw technique between compound and trad

    Still an trad infant after reincarnating from a compound life. I noticed I'm still carrying over some mechanic in my form. When I used to draw compound, it was usually my bow hand a little higher than target, and pulling back to anchor and lowering to target was one motion; elbow a little high...
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    Pranks that you pulled or been a victim of?

    Just wanted to start a thread that we can all laugh about. I'll start. Only rule is use common sense please. If I really need to list out some common sense items so the thread doesn't get delete or the police knocking at your door....I dont think you should be in the wood with a weapon in your...
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    Starting the road of traditional bow, what do you recommend for beginner to focus on with limited time and budget?

    Backstory, I followed the principle, practice at double the distance of the longest shot you would take on a live animal. So I never plan to take a shot passed 25 yards (maybe 30 if the situation call for it in good conditions). I was shooting my compound bow yesterday. I was able to get a...
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    Would snow camo stand out too much during early season?

    Found a used Alps Outdoorz Trail Blazer pack for cheap online so I snapped it up (being shipped). Thinking about using it as my main pack next season. Only issue I see is that its Snow/Winter Camo pattern. It look really bright to me, maybe its not as bad once I actually see it in person. Yes...
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    Who's not using a pack and just pouching everything?

    I was packing away my hunting pack last weekend. Realized that I didn't use 80% of things in the pack, even in the colder months. I realized I could carry everything in my pockets except the sticks With deciding to 1-sticking next season, I'm thinking about just wearing the saddle in and...
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    Anyone printed something cool with a 3D printer? What would you print if you had one?

    Friend of mine got a 3D printer for his birthday. Creality CR-X Pro He's asking for stuff to print. I think just to justify to his wife why he asked for such an expensive 'tool'..... but privately he admitted to me it's a toy. Anyway, do anyone have any examples if what they printed or what...