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  1. Outdoorsman33

    What’s your camping setups for DIY hunts

    So I just broke out my $40 tent from Walmart and got to wondering what other tent options are out there. What’s some of your guys setups and tips for camping? I normally will have 2 people when I hunt so space for me the more the better. Pictures would be nice to look at too. Also any tips for...
  2. Outdoorsman33

    Accuracy issues with lighted nocks

    I’m not new to hunting or anything I’ve been shooting more and paying attention more to my shooting. And I’ve been getting better through the years but I’ve grown to notice with lighted knocks my shots tend to vary up to 6 inches sometimes with lighted nocks vs regular nocks. I know that there...
  3. Outdoorsman33

    Limb trimming accident (update)

    Well today was the day I was going in for the kill on a big buck I seen yesterday evening. The day before watched 4 nice shooter bucks and one monster from 80 yards away travel through this one patch of weeds and just watched in amazement as 6 total deer walked through this same patch. So today...
  4. Outdoorsman33

    First saddle pig kill (long post)

    Well yesterday I got my first saddle kill with my bow. I set up on a very small transition line where there was just about a 20 yard wide strip that was separating 2 different sections of trees. Walking into the spot I knew pigs where here heavy but there was also deer sign with it I was gonna...
  5. Outdoorsman33

    LIDAR maps??

    So I heard about a guy using lidar maps to do some map scouting on Monotonous terrain. But in searching I can’t find a map for my area or really any lidar map that is interactive. Anyone else heard of using lidar maps or Is anyone even using them to scout? From my understanding the lidar map is...
  6. Outdoorsman33

    Throwline and bag weight of choice

    Just curious for you guys using thrown line and a bag what’s your preferred line and bag weight? To me the heavier the better but not too heavy. Currently using Para cord and probably a 1.5lb lead weight that gets pretty dangerous well throwing and pulling out of trees.
  7. Outdoorsman33

    Stealth strips vs regular elastic vet tape

    Looking to make my platform alittle less clunky was looking at the the camo wrap tape which is what I have on it now vs stealth strips. I have a ridge runner and I’d like to cover almost all the metal including the center struts wrapping them with the tape seemed easy. Using stealth strips to do...
  8. Outdoorsman33

    Upgrading predator pack

    I have a predator pack I’m wanting to upgrade the straps on and was curious on how some of you did it? I know Tethrd has the upgraded straps to buy which I probably will get but just curious on how you also upgraded the pack overall if you have one.
  9. Outdoorsman33

    VPA 3 blade vs RMS 3 blade

    Is anyone shooting the VPA 3 blade or the rms 3 blade? Looking for some feed back on how you like and them how they shoot etc.
  10. Outdoorsman33

    Anyone keep their quiver on their bow while hunting

    I’ve been looking around for a bow hanger for public land that is long enough to hold my bow with the quiver on. Everything I seem to find is only long enough for just the bow without the quiver. Any diy ideas or bow hangers that are made to hold without screwing into the tree?
  11. Outdoorsman33

    Whose waiting to walk into the woods

    Currently waiting in my truck to go into my spot on some new public land for central LA bow opener. Anyone else waiting this morning to be going into the woods for their opener today?
  12. Outdoorsman33

    Anyone truly tested ropeman 1 on oplux

    Wanting to change tethers to cut bulk and I know a lot of guys are still using ropeman 1s on their oplux and using it to rappel even though it’s out of spec. I was wondering if anyone has truly taken to the time to test the limits of the oplux with a ropeman 1 to the point of failure or before...
  13. Outdoorsman33

    Anyone use their platform as a chair for hunting

    Used my ridge runner this morning on a big cypress on some public and managed to scratch out a 2 man limit with a good friend. Tree was so big I took a daisy chain off my sticks and tied the loop to the loop on the out on a limb strap and boom it worked really well.
  14. Outdoorsman33

    Putting double stand off on a lwcg mini stick?

    Was looking to see if anyone has tried to add a double stand off to the lone wolf custom gear sticks minis or the full lengths.
  15. Outdoorsman33

    Anyone ever built a small shallow water motor

    Wanting to build about a 3hp long tail mud motor to make access quick for some of my hunting spots. Wondering if anyone here has tried to do the same yet.
  16. Outdoorsman33

    Heavy arrow build help and tips

    Looking some info on victory arrows what’s some good components to use to get some good foc and not risk durability. Anyone using the ethics components for them? What’s your setup with them weight wise and how tough they are
  17. Outdoorsman33

    Adding short bridge to phantom

    I’m wanting to make my own short bridge for SRT climbing for my phantom. I’ve never messed with making my own bridge looking for tips on how some of your guys are doing it and what material to use. I’d like to make it easy attach and detach so I can remove it once tied into my adjustable bridge...
  18. Outdoorsman33

    Diy Endless loop tips

    Wanting to make 4 endless loops for my hawk helium’s for my knaider swaider to hook into. Wanting to make a diy endless loop out of rope or Amstel. Was looking for some pointers or advice when making the endless loop and climbing with the knaider swaider using the endless loop on the stick. What...
  19. Outdoorsman33

    Tethrd teach and train Pearl MS

    Anyone heard anything on the teach and train going on in Pearl MS? If so is there anyone going to it?
  20. Outdoorsman33

    Rope recommendation for cutting bulk

    Wanting to cut down on bulk on my tether and ropes I was wondering what everyone likes to use. I have ropeman 1’s id like stay with. Any recommendations on good all around ropes that’ll work with ropeman 1 and would work good for some srt climbing?