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  1. dlist777

    Worst invasive species in North America

    How about those bugs that killed / are killing all the ash trees? I think there will soon be no more ash trees at all. Doesn't seem to be anything that could be done about it.
  2. dlist777

    bear prevention

    I hunt in black bear country. They're pretty timid overall...but I've heard that woof when heading out of the woods in the dark at its made my stomach drop. In PA, a sidearm is allowed, but I always carry spray...I'm just not that good of a marksman with a pistol. Spray for me....biggest can...
  3. dlist777

    How to "drop" a deer

    With a gun, I've had really good results with the high shoulder shot. B2 or so. I've had every deer I shot there just drop...not a single step. Probably 5 or so....esp if they are quartering a bit.
  4. dlist777

    Backing up your set up

    This is my method of backing up. But before I get into the specifics, I want to give my "philosophy" on backing up. I only use climbing rated equipment (ropes and connections). I feel there is actually zero (or nearly zero) chance of a real actual equipment failure. I'm backing up because of the...
  5. dlist777

    Compounds vs Crossbows in a saddle

    I've hunted with a xbow for the last 2 years. I have a Ravin and it's no issue. But, I do think the ones with wider limbs would be harder. Not impossible, but more to think about when you're going through a shot (making sure limbs clear). The R10 is like 6 inches cocked and 10 uncocked. So...
  6. dlist777

    8mm or 11mm - Ropeman 1 or Kong Duck

    I've used 8mm oplux with a kong for 2 years now. It works great. I've tried prussik plus tender and it sometimes jams up on me. I like the kong. I've heard bad things about ropeman 2 chewing up rope, but never tried it.
  7. dlist777

    Out on a Limb Safety Notice

    Fyi....got an email: Out On A Limb Customers As most of you are aware, using a bigger rope than the recommended 1/16” – 3/16” outside diameter rope CAN and WILL cause a catastrophic failure to the clam cleat, that may result in your injury or death. These Clam Cleats are ONLY meant for 1/16”...
  8. dlist777

    What's your dumbest injury?

    Cut my left thumb tendon field dressing a buck last season. Had to get surgery to re-attach tendon. Thumb is basically 90% now but it took a long time. It's amazing how hard it is w/o a thumb, even your lefty. Details...
  9. dlist777

    Professional Athletes who hunt/bowhunt?

    Derrick Lewis. UFC heavyweight hunts. Talked about buying land to hunt at a recent interview
  10. dlist777

    What’s the general consensus on using oplux as tether,LB and bridge?

    Curious: What info has you uncovered that oplux is insufficient for fall protection? "strength in event of fall". It seems like its rated many times in excess of forces one would experience climbing trees....
  11. dlist777

    Patent Research - Tethrd

    If I could patent ****ting in the woods, I'd make millions. I think with hunting gear, in the long run, it's better for a companies to focus on making a higher quality product for a good value than relying on patent protection for dubious "technological enhanements".
  12. dlist777

    Bolts as a Perm Set Up

    Yea, I agree. It could be that the 8 inch ones will work or if I put them deeper in the hole, its raining here so I can't try. I'd like to point out a couple of things: 1. @1simplemann recommended the 5/8ths and I was using 1/2, so that may make a difference. 2. It's interesting to note...
  13. dlist777

    Bolts as a Perm Set Up

    Hey...I deleted my last reply. I went out and jumped on this thing and it bent. It might be that I didn't drill the hole deep enough, or it's too long at 10 inches, or it's just weak. I'm gonna try drilling deeper and see. But in the mean time dont buy these
  14. dlist777

    Bolts as a Perm Set Up

    I purchased a property recently. I was planning on setting up a bunch of pre-sets this offseason. When I've had access to a property where I can do presets in the past, I usually used el-cheapo heavy metal sticks and put them up in July/Aug and take down in Feb/March each year. I take them...
  15. dlist777

    Crossbow Tree Hanger

    If your bow uses capture nocks (so it the arrow won't slip down if you hang it upside down), this might be a good option for you. This way, my bow stays with me as I move around the tree and there isn't much movement when I'm ready to shoulder it. 2 loops. 1 girth hitched around bow / the...
  16. dlist777

    Stand hanging process

    I one option to lessen the things you have to carry by 1 is to daisy chain 2 pull up ropes. Let's say you want to leave your bow and pack on the ground while you climb (b/c you have your stand on your back). Tie a pull up rope or doyles on your belt/harness and connect to pack. connect a pull...
  17. dlist777

    Deer hunting myths

    I'm not sure these are myths or not, but here are a few common ones that I've always wondered about: 1. Deer hunting sucks the day after a full moon. Like their up partying all night in the full moon so they don't move around the next day? 2. Deer move around less when it's windy. I shot my...
  18. dlist777

    hello from southeast Pa

    Welcome from Ft. Washington PA
  19. dlist777

    What’s your camping setups for DIY hunts

    Just 2. Never had a problem. You could do 4 if you wanted
  20. dlist777

    What’s your camping setups for DIY hunts

    Just screwed through the floor. Then a locknut on the other side. I think the floor is 3/4 inch....has held up well. Thx.