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  1. Noonespecial

    Tethrd Knee Pads $60 TYD SOLD PLEASE CLOSE

    Never used
  2. Noonespecial


    Has anyone looked at Hooyman saws and pruners lately? They stepped up their product line. Seems like they moved into more than just hunting. I held their new pole saw. It’s awesome! Ratchet pruners look nice also. Prices are reasonable.
  3. Noonespecial

    Climbing Platform

    Who wants to see a climbing platform similar to how the saddle hunters are using the top of a Lone Wolf hand climber? Before saddle hunting I used a LW hand climber and loved it. This would be even better in my opinion. I was thinking of something that once you’re at hunting height you could...
  4. Noonespecial

    3 sit drags $65 TYD

    3 sit drags excellent condition. Two have sewn on waist belts and sewn on webbing bridges. The third has nothing done to it.
  5. Noonespecial

    Cranford folding detachable steps $100

    3 Cranford folding detachable tree steps with 18 screws. I used these for the bottom 3 steps of my presets keeping people from potentially stealing my sets. Great shape! $100 TYD
  6. Noonespecial

    Hooyman 5 foot tree saw $50 TYD SOLD

    Never used...great to put in your backpack.
  7. Noonespecial

    Mobile hunting or Presets

    Presets or hang and hunt every time? I am a preset guy with almost 30 between two properties. I hunt both public and private but no food plots, bait or hunting shacks etc. Just spots prescouted and set up with climbing sticks or screw in steps where allowed. I am asking because I think a lot...
  8. Noonespecial

    Artisan Outdoors stick platform $60 TYD SOLD

    Never used will fit lone wolf, hawk, beast and most all sticks.
  9. Noonespecial

    Heated vest $75 TYD SOLD

    GYDE fleece heated vest, size large comes with charger and battery. Never used.
  10. Noonespecial

    Tethrd Mantis Saddle $50 TYD SOLD

    Tethrd mantis size large. Cut leg, linesman loops and amsteel bridge off. Comes with 20” sewn on heavy duty tubular webbing bridge and an extra 5 foot of military spec tubular webbing.
  11. Noonespecial

    5 Treehopper steps TYD $60 SOLD PLEASE CLOSE

    Brand new never used
  12. Noonespecial

    Two bucks!

    I was very fortunate this year to harvest two bucks. First picture is my 3 boys with a buck I shot in PA on Election Day morning at 8:00. Walked to my tree to find a black lab chasing deer back and forth. Once the dog left I could hear deer running to the left of my tree and a buck grunting...
  13. Noonespecial

    8mm Line with Ropeman 1

    I know there have been threads on this before but I haven’t seen one about this specifically. I have been seeing saddle hunters using a Ropeman 1 and a sterling 8mm line with a larger carabiner such as the one attached. I’ve hunted with this carabiner for two years but with a 11mm rope and...
  14. Noonespecial

    Ring of steps $55 TYD SOLD

    5 Treehopper Steps with heavy duty strap and OCB.
  15. Noonespecial

    Calling all saddle manufactures!

    When do you think any manufacture will come out with a padded saddle? Sitting on webbing, mesh or canvas is not comfortable after an extended period of time. Think about it any chair seat or something that you have to sit on has cushioning on it. Why aren’t we putting cushioning in the saddles...
  16. Noonespecial

    Under Armour Brow Tine $75 TYD SOLD

    Size large pants and jacket like new. Realtree Edge Camo.
  17. Noonespecial

    H2 saddle $100 TYD Sold please close

    Treestand Camo has a sewn bridge but I have the original webbing strap included. This has no leg straps or molle, linesman loops.
  18. Noonespecial

    GYDE heated vest $150 TYD

    Size large, fleece with 4 heated zones. One on back of neck, two on chest one on back. Comes with battery and charger. Never used bought last year.
  19. Noonespecial

    Scentlok head hunter suit $100 TYD sold please close

    Pants size large Jacket size XL Like new
  20. Noonespecial

    Predator fleece vest $50 TYD SOLD

    Large brown deception never used