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    One stick handle style

    Wondering the pros/cons of a nite ize handle vs the retractable wire style handle like what is on EWO. What are your thoughts? Any better style I missed? Obviously the wire version packs down cleaner but couldn’t you also use the note ize to pull double duty and secure your aider so it serves a...
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    Orange Ghillie suit?

    So I want to start doing some ground hunting in addition to my saddle to give me more options to setup when I go in. However, from October on I have to wear blaze orange (plus I hunt public land so the orange is smart even if it wasn’t required). Has anyone made/bought a ghillie or leafy suit...
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    Gated g hooks like Method leg loops

    I want to revamp the leg loop system on my recon and add removable leg loops with gated g hooks. Anyone know where I can find quality gated g hooks like on the method (or anyone want to sell me their method leg strap setup (straps and g hooks) to make my life easier if you don’t use leg straps?
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    Tips for hand drilling?

    I guess I want to clarify if you are drilling at knee height (on the tree roped in), are you standing on only one bolt while you drill? Like for your drilling your 7th bolt, are you standing left leg on bolt 6 and right leg floating so that your drill is right at the same level as your right...
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    Tips for hand drilling?

    Hey guys, I just got my tree hopper drill and bolts yesterday and used them for this morning’s hunt. Way better than carrying in sticks. That being said, how is everyone going about drilling in their bolt holes? More specifically, I found that drilling at hip height was the easiest to drill for...
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    Rappelling when climbing with bolts?

    Anybody descend with rappelling gear after climbing up with bolts? I am making the switch from sticks to bolts and have rappelling gear but trying to figure out if it is worth carrying in the extra bulk/weight. I feel like rappelling in general is one of the safest ways to descend the tree but...
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    When/how to scout freshest sign?

    Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. I need to stop thinking short term about “wasting” a day hunting and think more long-term about getting into better areas year after year.
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    When/how to scout freshest sign?

    So out of curiosity, if you are going in during gray light looking for sign, aren’t you most at risk then of bumping deer out of the area since that’s also when they are generally most active? Also, I typically can’t do all day hunts/sits because I need to spend time with the family during the...
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    When/how to scout freshest sign?

    For you weekend warrior Dads like myself that only hunt public land and get one sit a weekend at best...when and how to you scout to try and setup on fresh sign? That’s the major perk of a saddle (mobility) so how do you take advantage of that? Do you hunt afternoons and go in early/blind and...
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    Changed my bridge system

    For guys that like an adjustable bridge, any reason why you couldn’t do this setup with some triglides on the bridge to allow for length adjustment? Only issue I can think of is that there is more metal out there to make noise and that the carabiners would have a much bigger loop to flop around...
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    Leave frame pack at the ground or bring it up

    For guys that bring in a frame pack to pack meat out: do you leave the frame pack at the base of the tree or do you bring it up with you in the tree? I have been bringing my pack up for scent purposes but the size of the pack up in the tree can sometimes get in the way. What’s everyone else doing?
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    Packing sticks with a scout attached

    Thanks. I didn’t think about trying to side stack my sticks. I have helium’s so I can’t do the side stack mod but I just figured out that I can stack them in pairs and then side stack the pairs with one pair upside down and it creates a flat enough area that I can put the the platform over the...
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    Packing sticks with a scout attached

    Has anyone figured out a good way to pack in sticks with a scout platform attached? I am not finding a way I like because the platform sticks out in the opposite direction as the standoffs which is making arranging the sticks more complicated. Show me what you’ve done... Sent from my iPhone...
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    Distel hitch problems on oplux

    So I got the recommended sterling 6mm trc rope to do distel hitches in place of ropemans when I switched to an oplux tether and linemans but I am having issues getting the hitch to automatically catch when I take up line using a tender. It just stays loose and slides up and down the rope. Any...
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    Bolt hole spacing different between regular and 20” Heliums?

    I don’t have an original set of Heliums but I just got some of the new 20” sticks and the OOAL Scout platform for on top of the helium stick and the bolt holes aren’t lining up. I can’t imagine that the issue is with the scout platform since everyone seems to have it work just fine on the...
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    Ropeman vs jammy for tether

    What makes it better than the jammy? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ropeman vs jammy for tether

    Which in your mind is better and why? 10mm sterling static with a ropeman 1 or oplux and beal jammy prussic for a tether?
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    What to upgrade first?

    Is there a good equivalent to the oplux that would work with a ropeman 1? If I recall correctly the oplux is 8mm which is too small for the ropeman 1. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What to upgrade first?

    How is the scout for hawks (or other sticks if that’s what you have) with sturdiness and stability on the tree? The thing I don’t like about the primal/plywood platform I have now is that there is a fair amount of side to side rocking back and forth when I shift my weight or swing out to one...
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    What to upgrade first?

    Last year was my first season saddle hunting I am looking to upgrade my setup but can only afford to do it in stages. I am currently using a modified sitdrag with RCH, diy platforms (either an old tree seat or a primal step with plywood insert) and an alps pursuit backpack. I just upgraded to...