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  1. Noonespecial

    I have a bone to pick with some of you...

    I’m a ring of steps and sitter also. I didn’t like knee pads also I tried the Trophyline, Tethrd and several pair from Lowe’s. I am now using the Hatch XTAK and they are awesome. Way different from all the others.
  2. Noonespecial

    Things saddle hunters say:

    I can’t believe no one posted this yet… Top shot Drop shot Weak shot Strong shot
  3. Noonespecial

    Biggest obstacles during hunting

    Getting comfortable. What you may think is comfortable by sitting for a few minutes in your backyard isn’t the same from 20 feet for several hours.
  4. Noonespecial

    Tethrd Knee Pads $60 TYD SOLD PLEASE CLOSE

    Never used
  5. Noonespecial

    Talk me off the ledge of Scents....

    Been making and using mock scrapes for about 25 years. After using all kinds of different scents, drippers and scented dirt I realized none of it works better than a mock scrape “placed in the correct area” with no scent and a good licking branch. It doesn’t matter what you put in the scrape...
  6. Noonespecial

    Bullman Pioneer steps

    Nah…I’ll keep calling out the entitlement and praise the people who took chances to bring back this great style of hunting.
  7. Noonespecial

    How to "drop" a deer

    My brother only hunts deer with a marlin lever action 30 30. Dropped every deer he has shot in its tracks. Shoots them in B3 or B4 area. Good luck!
  8. Noonespecial

    Heavy arrow bone breaking results on large deer

    Shot many different bows and arrow combinations over the 30 years of bow hunting but always shot Muzzy Broadheads, 29” draw 70lb bow over 400 grain arrow most of the time. I’ve shot a lot of deer in those years too many to remember. Variety of sizes yearlings 75lbs in my early days to bucks...
  9. Noonespecial

    Screw-ins or Bolts for preset ROS?

    Bolt holes fill with water and freeze, some trees like black cherry fill with sap leaving you to clean out the holes or drill new ones the day you are hunting. Holes are hard to find in the morning at dark and require the hunter to mark up the tree where they are or put reflective tacks near...
  10. Noonespecial

    Screw-ins or Bolts for preset ROS?

    I use the Ultimate Treestep Tool made in PA. No problem screwing in any style treestep. I personally use the Ameristep screw ins, just back them out a turn at the end of every year and you’re done for as long as you want to hunt that tree. Simple easy done!
  11. Noonespecial

    Favorite Saddle for beginner?

    Couldn’t disagree with you more. Nothing complicated with it at all.
  12. Noonespecial

    Bullman Pioneer steps

    Thanks for actually defining what you did.
  13. Noonespecial

    Bullman Pioneer steps

    Nice retraction. Thanks!
  14. Noonespecial

    Bullman Pioneer steps

    The entitlement of some people on this site is ridiculous! If you want credit for something then start your own company with your own money and put your neck out there.
  15. Noonespecial

    Favorite Saddle for beginner?

    I’m a Treehopper Recon lover myself! Tried the Sitdrag, Mantis, Tactisaddle and the H2. Nothing beats the price, comfort and adjustability. Look up the videos on Eberhart’s Outdoors YouTube channel and he explains in great detail why the two piece saddle beats a one piece. Good luck hope you...
  16. Noonespecial

    Screw-ins or Bolts for preset ROS?

    The “Sag and Wobble” came from doing presets in the early spring (March-April) when most trees are saturated with water making the wood very soft, no matter the species. I do many presets post season and this was the problem I was having. I don’t like to wait until mid summer when trees are...
  17. Noonespecial

    Are there any structural concerns with material strength with dyeing a saddle?

    I have the Recon to and love it not a fan of the color also, but after a season of hunting the color has faded into a dull gray. I thought about using different colored markers but after it faded I’m fine with it now. I’d wait and let it fade naturally.
  18. Noonespecial

    H2 talk

    Yes I adjusted them all it did for me was put more pressure on the upper strap. Heath and his H2 saddles are awesome along with his customer service. I started out with the sit drag then Mantis, Tactisaddle and then H2. When I went to the recon the difference was amazing. Sitting on four 2”...
  19. Noonespecial

    H2 talk

    Had one at the beginning of last season. Really well made wanted to like it but just like many single panel saddles the bottom strap dug into my lower thighs. I could only sit in it for about an hour. Bought a Treehopper Recon and it is soooooo much nicer. Sat in it for 8 hours no problem...
  20. Noonespecial

    Let's Talk Tactics

    Postseason scout my butt off!!! Find the spots in the thickest nastiest cover away from all the other hunters with big buck sign (tall rubs, big scrapes and prints). Get good access in and out then prep the spot. If on state land I’ll go back one time in nasty weather early September to put a...