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    Tactacam Reveal X

    i bought two reveal x but haven't used them yet
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    Need a good cheap camera.

    i have good luck with victure cams from amazon. Usually about $50, they take decent pics, and seem to last. I think i bought six and only one crapped out after a year, the rest are still going
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    Have you ever took a year off from hunting.

    Hunting 7 days does not count as taking a year off. I think half the people who wear camo these days probably hunt 7 days or less. This year i may dial it back, and only hunt twice per week until November.
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    2020 virginia buck

    This is a buck i got on public land last year, very cold morning sit. It was the only deer I saw that morning, took a 27 yard shot and watched him fall.
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    Should new and inexperienced hunters sit out the early season and wait for the rut?

    Pre-rut and rut activity can be hard to predict. Last year I took two weeks off work to hunt and the first was a complete waste, saw one deer from the stand all week. Luckily it all came together in the end. I think this year i am going to do more half days.
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    Illegal Ladder Stands on Public Land

    stands don't reserve spots on public land. In general it is polite to hunt somewhere else if possible, but if the whole place is covered and you have no idea how often the person will be there, i would go ahead and hunt there. Now on the other hand, i have gotten very pissed when i legally...
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    wide deadhead found

    I boiled it and power washed it
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    wide deadhead found

    I don't mind
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    wide deadhead found

    I believe the buck died of natural causes. It was only about 30 yards off the edge of a field, so if it was shot there it would not have been hard to find. Of course, its possible it was a gut shot somewhere else, and traveled a long way before dying
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    wide deadhead found

    yep, he is cleaned up and in the basement with the rest of my skulls
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    wide deadhead found

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    wide deadhead found

    I thought yall might like to see this deadhead I found on a trip to Mississippi. 24" inside spread.
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    44 dollars for 2 climbing stick standoffs??

    I was looking at the standoffs on doublesteps . com
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    44 dollars for 2 climbing stick standoffs??

    Hey guys. I have some api sticks that i sawed down into mini sticks. So i have extra steps because I converted my sticks from three steps to two, and i was considering making a fourth stick. All i need is the tubing, button, and standoffs. Well it turns out that the standoffs cost $22 each...
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    first saddle kill

    Thanks. Im in Virginia
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    first saddle kill

    Well, it started out as a very tough year for me in that I made the same mistake I always do and hunted my tail off during the October lull, ending up very frustrated and wondering whether deer even exist. Even the first week of November was extremely slow (unseasonably warm in my area). I...
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    Can I use 1'' aluminum tube from home depot?

    I am going to turn my three 32'' API sticks with three steps into four 24'' sticks with two steps. My question is, can I use the 1'' aluminum tube from home depot. They sell 96'' for $20. Or is the tube from eastman outdoors stronger? Thanks
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    what should i use to attach api sticks to tree?

    Considering going to amsteel daisy chain, or rope mod. any other options? If i do rope, what diameter should i get for api sticks? thanks
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    How much have you spent on your saddle setup?

    I have spent about $475 so far. The main thing i have left to buy is some form of platform. Im thinking i will go with the ooal scout, which will put me at about 560 total. I have: Tethrd phantom - 275 shipped API sticks - 99 2 carabiners from amazon - 20 27 feet of oplux - appx 60 shipped...
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    ooal scout or AOF mini platform

    Hey yall I am going to buy one of these, which should i get? and why?