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    Imitation Scout by Hawk coming

    So on Archerywire this morning it shows an imitation Scout by Hawk Squared tubing like the Predator copy Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    WTB LWCG .5 hang on stand

    So I’ve been waiting for a call back from LWCG to answer a couple questions & place an order but seems they didn’t call back & have sold out. If anybody has buyer’s remorse and wants to unload their .5, let me know please. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Is Tapatalk slowing down to force paying for upgrade?

    I paid something to Tapatalk before for ad free use. That disappeared after some change & now they’ve been hitting me up for their new upgraded membership ever since With all of the glitches & slowing down during use for me, I’m guessing it is intentional & they’re making it bad enough to...
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    Trophyline C.A.Y.S. Pack avail tomorrow

    Got an email of their pack being released tomorrow Anybody get hands on with it yet to test out? Looks like it’d work pretty good Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    LWCG Ghost harness

    Don’t know if this is on here yet Didn’t see it when I searched LWCG has a YouTube video of Brad’s harness Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    XOP stick holding system

    Anyone see this yet? Keeps them nice and tight Pretty interesting Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    8mm Oplux questions & uses

    I couldn’t find all my answers by searching & was gonna text @kyler1945 for a lot of the following questions but figured I’d put it out there for everyone so others could benefit as well So I’ve been planning on using 9mm UltraTech or HTP for tether & LB along with Ropeman1 on each Was leaning...
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    Hickory Creek Mini xbow PLEASE CLOSE—SOLD LOCALLY

    A friend has one that he may sell. I already have one so wanted to see if anyone is looking. It’s in great condition but I don’t have any pics. It looks pretty close to new tho since he never actually hunted with it. Used ones seem to go for 600-650 I think he’d sell in the range of 500-550...
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    Versa straps SOLD - PLEASE CLOSE

    Im most likely gonna stick with amsteel mod so these are for sale 8ft Versa Lites (x2)— BOTH SOLD Still Available: 8ft Versa (x1)—NEW 6ft Versa (x1)—did 3 or 4 test hangs in my yard If 8ft is long then you can always cut down to 6ft $55 gets u both Versa straps TYD Excellent...
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    Wild Edge saddle prototype on FB

    Just got an email saying that FB Live @ 1:30 Eastern Time today WE will reveal their saddle prototype I don’t have FB but I’m sure some of u will want to see what they have Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Chopped helium versa placement

    Done a ton of searching and haven’t found an answer. So I’m gonna chop some heliums down to 15” for use with around 4-5’ aiders. I know some people have issues with kick out using the normal ratio from the top. Has anyone found a better ratio of distance from top compared to total length...
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    Mantis Recliner SOLD

    Unused Mantis Recliner Don’t need it $25tyd PayPal F&F Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    SOLD—MicroFit Adjusters

    I have a set of unused Tethrd Micro Fit Adjusters Don’t need them $12 tyd PayPal F&F Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    PLEASE CLOSE-Windwalker

    Anybody interested in a Windwalker? I just received it today and was told it was an Ultra Lite but it is the newer Windwalker version not the 5.75 lb **** Idol model. Platform is 14” wide x 24” long. It has a lightweight seat made of webbing and it has some extra wire mesh to give better grip...
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    XOP Tree Shadow Hand Climber treestand

    I have an XOP Tree Shadow Hand Climber stand (New In Box). It’s the same as LW Assault Hand Climber but better color (green), better cushion & curved crossbar for easier climbing. It’s both top & bottom sections. You will have the option of conventional climber use or saddle platform. The...
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    New guy from Central FL

    I hunt public land in central FL. The WMAs are heavily pressured so I try to think outside of the box. I always thought saddles would help me but haven’t used one yet. (Although I do own several Trophyline Ambushes). Finding Saddlehunter.com has informed me & opened my eyes to making the...