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    Very happy with these knee pads

    https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/clc-ultraflex-non-skid-kneepads Quiet, easy quiet adjustability and comfortable. I'm not the best reviewer because so far I'm more of a leaner than a sitter, but still. I would recommend these. Worth the +/- $20
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    In defense of my flipper flappers

    I spend a good amount of time watching hunting content and thinking about ways to improve as a bow hunter. Like many, many ethical hunters, I spend plenty of that time trying to optimize quick deer deaths and the highest recovery chances that I can achieve. So, often when watching ranch fairy...
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    First saddle kills: 2 in 20 min!

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/TgkeffKchjmGBFnw6 This is my 1st year trying saddle hunting after spending hours and hours on this site all last winter and this summer. Got my saddle (kestrel) used on this site. Did my first practice shots from the saddle a few weeks before the season started and...
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    Any Albany NY area saddle hunters?

    Just getting into this world. Bought my first saddle (got a gently used Kestrel from someone on this site), and was wondering if there's anyone local or local-ish to Albany, NY who would be willing to meet up at some point and "show me the ropes." Thanks, Matt
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    Thoughts on starting a brand new Hunter with saddle hunting?

    I have a good friend who is just getting into bowhunting. Literally JUST (he took his safety course last week, I helped him get equipped with a used bow, he's practicing shooting, etc). I'm going to be his main hunting mentor and friend. We're just starting to decide what type of hunting...