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    Preferred Stick Attachment Method

    Daisy chains for me.
  2. L

    Knife Shopping

    Havalon Forge is my new favorite. I have several different knives, but I always grab the havalon first. Blades are cheap and always sharp.
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    Favorite Deer Hunting Podcast

    Working Class Bowhunter
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    Upgraded Predator Bracket or not?

    Bolt size is 1/4 inch.
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    Upgraded Predator Bracket or not?

    I upgraded to the EWO bracket and I added on of their double steps as well. Bites better and pushes down much easier as well when cam locking. The additional foot rest space is great as well.
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    Predator stick Talons

    Has anyone used these before? If so, what are your thoughts and do you have any pictures of your set up? https://www.mobilehuntinggear.com/product/predator-talons/
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    What will you change/improve for next year?

    Out with the Hawk sticks and in with the Shikar sticks for me. I also plan to get a new pack, but undecided on this effort for sure.
  8. L


    You will be fine. I bought my saddle set up in early November and I have hunted out of it a couple times. Your overall experience will kick in and you will be fine. Practice set and shooting in your yard, and you will catch on quick.
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    First saddle kills: 2 in 20 min!

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    Another first saddle buck

    Congrats on a awesome deer.
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    First saddle deer

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    Hawk helium sticks

    I am going to replace mine with these after season. https://genesis3dprinting.com/collections/climbing-stick-products/products/copy-of-stick-mule-system-for-1in-tubing-style-sticks
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    Repurposed Treestand Platform

    Great idea. I think I have one of these in the shed as well. Hmmm. I may have to follow your lead.
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    Hunting in the Right Place

    Good read. Killing deer is easy, but thinking like a deer is always and over thought for most.
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    Help with saddle comfort

    Just got a Tethrd Phantom and I am working through getting used to it. I have a ROS, but I am thinking that a platform will be more comfortable for me. I haven't decided which platform I want to go with, but I like the idea of having a couple steps behind the platform for moving. Any pros...