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  1. rambotogo

    Long bow ?

    I think I am ready for a longbow . Any longbow shooters out there? What bowyer would you go with ? Thanks
  2. rambotogo

    Trad Arrow advice

    Starting to get back to shooting trad again . I will be shooting a sage 40 lb to start then maybe go up 5 to 10 lbs for hunting .What arrow would you choose? I am thinking of a 500 grain full length with a 100 gran to start or would this be too weak of spine? thanks
  3. rambotogo

    Taking care of number One

    Men in general very hard headed ,myself inculcated! We don't like doctors and usually never go to one unless we are half dead. Without going into details we need to bite the bullet and get screened for problems that can be treated and some that can be reversed...
  4. rambotogo

    Diy Indiana

    Looking for any hotels near Santa Clause Indiana anybody knows of any close by? We were going camping but cannot find any open. Thanks for any help in advance