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    New unused Bohning Tower Fletching jig

    I have a unused 100% as new in box Bohning Tower Fletching jig. $45 TYD USPS MO as payment PM if interested.
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    NIB & LNIB release aids

    I have the fallowing release aids for sale. All are like new in box in perfect condition. All prices are TYD will accept only USPS MO as payment. Two Scott duel caliper grip release aids with factory containers. First one is 100% unused NIB Second one I fitted it with a DIY adjustable/removable...
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    Turkey vest worth a look

    Found this vest that had 4.7/5 stars after 93 reviews at Amazon. If you order it from the TideWe website and use discount code SUB10 it's $90 TYD Looks pretty well made and in my opinion as well laid out as any other vest I have looked at. Comes in two different camo patterns as well as a...
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    Knot tying book for saddle hunters

    Looking for expert experience based advice here on which knot tying book I should buy would serve to best educate a beginner novice saddle hunter on which knots to use for a given purpose or application as it applies to saddle hunting. Looking for a book that will educate me on which knots to...
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    Most durable transportable ozone generator(s) and how to size them

    Can anyone recommend from experience a ozone generator that is durable and will last a long enough to be worth it's cost. Am going to build me a transportable de-scenting container for a new JX3 G2 I just bought. Are going to buy a large enough tightly sealing storage container to place my JX3...
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    Tender length adjustment questions

    Was wondering what is the simplest most reliable tender to use for the prusik knot for adjusting the length of your tether? And for you guys who use a mechanical device to adjust your tether length what is considered the safest easiest one to use that does little to no damage to your tether rope...
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    Anyone else desperately waiting for a TX5 vs Overwatch video?

    Was wondering if anyone else is holding off buying one or the other until someone does a good unbiased side by side use review of both. Was 98% set on buying a TX5 then tbe Overwatch came out and gave me second thoughts. I use to be indecisive about which light weight saddle to buybut I'm not so...
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    Bullman steps vs Jim Stepps/WE

    For those who own and use both the Bullman Seilent Approach strap on steps and the WE/Jim Stepp ladder steps which do you prefer and why? I own a bunch of the original Stepp Ladder strap on steps but I must admit the compactness and ultra light weight of the Bullman steps are VERY appealing
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    JX3 owners cam strap ROS questions

    I am in the process of acquiring a JX3 G2 from a member here and as I already have a ROS I will start out with that as my foot rest. Unfortunately the steps are on a ratcheting strap and would like to replace it with a cam-over-buckle strap to set up as quietly as possible. So is there one...
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    Advise education for ordering a TX5

    Just saw TX5 has their website up and running and you can order your saddle per the options listed. I went through all the options and add on's and the only area I am unsure of is which of the two saddle seat types to choose from because I have no idea which one will be more conformable and I...
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    And I thought $625 for a stand was a bit much

    This came in my Midway USA Email sales add: https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1023010241?pid=674230 I'd never begrudge any person the right to spend their money as they see fit but I feel rather confident $4k for a Xbow is a bit on the extreme. $4k is getting into not quite full on custom made...
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    JX3 FS at Ebay CAUTION possibly HIGH S&H COSTS

    Just a friendly heads up for any interested there is a JX3 FS at the moment at Ebay Just wanted to add a member here just brought to my attention an oversight of mine in the S&H on the JX3 looks to be $100. So any interested parties be aware of this fact.
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    Some experienced based input about public deer hunting from those that hunt mostly or always public land

    For those that bow hunt mostly or exclusively public land when the land has great habitat and good deer numbers but receives considerable bow hunting pressure and intense gun hunting pressure is essentially flat has no terrane features that make for difficult to very difficult access and has...
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    Question for both or either experienced Guido's Web and JX3 owners

    Was at my private gun club today and was discussing post season deer hunting and the guy I was speaking with that I know pretty well was telling me about of all things a Guido's Web he just bought from a friend at a price so good he felt he couldn't pass on it and at worst could likely recoup...
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    Is a JX3 enharrently safer than a normal saddle?

    First let me start by saying I am asking for the experienced based input from owners of both saddles and JX3's as I have none but I have an an exceptionally high mechanical aptitude and understand of how mechanical things work and can usually surmise how an piece of equipment is intended to work...
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    What is the best safety stop for your tether and lineman's ropes?

    Was wondering what is consider the best most secure and easiest to use safety stop you can attach to your tether and lineman's rope to stop your prussic or other device from accidentally or unintentionally sliding down the rope resulting in potentially very unpleasant situation.
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    New saddle from Wild Edge for 2021

    Just stumbled across this at the Wild Edge WS. Don't know if it has become common knowledge so sorry if this is posted in futility. For those interested consideration: https://www.wildedgeinc.com/saddle-hunting.html
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    Need info for buying a used JX3

    What month of 2020 did JX3 start producing its newest version?
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    Which Trad bows still USA made?

    I began my love for archery and soon after bow hunting at the ripe old age of 12 My older brother went all in on archery and got our dad to buy him a 55lb Bear Kodiak Magnum reserve bow and arrows. As was the norm my brother soon lost interest in the bow and it became mine I shot and hunted with...
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    Educate me as to modifying and using your lineman's as a fall prevention "PINCH?" type lineman?

    Excuse me if I am describing or wording my question incorrectly but I saw a posting here with a picture of an additional rope connected to a lineman that you could adjust as needed to give your lineman's rope the capability of fall prevention similar but not quite as good as a tether would be...