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  1. Spence71

    Old bow

    This was my FIL’s from, I dunno, the 1800’s. Hahaha. It’s been sitting in the case for years now. Went to pull it back tonight slowly and it wouldn’t budge. Either the lb is off or the cams are frozen. But decided it was going to get hung up as wall art if nothing else. Says 55# and 30” draw...
  2. Spence71

    Arrows. $60

    Don’t see a lot on here. Maybe there’s a reason I dunno. Figured id throw these out here and see if anyone could use them. All 400 spine Victory decimator 15 v6 @ 26.5” carbon to carbon. Screw in inserts. One of these needs fletching. 4 Easton bloodlines @ 26 1/4” 2 Easton Bloodlines @...
  3. Spence71

    Tetherd Predator Plateform

    Used predator. Circa 2019. Painted and has the upgraded bracket. I have the old one…somewhere. Comes with the predator pack, the OG strap and a run of a steel daisy chain. $200 TYD New this is 170+65+16+shipping Pack doesn’t have the stock shoulder straps. No idea what I did with those. And...
  4. Spence71

    Madrock chatter

    Don’t know about y’all. But in the world of ninja like silence execution…. My madrock just won’t do. It’s noisy. During a conference call (that’s still going on) I decided to cut up some stealth strips and hit some of the easy to access and where’s there’s little to no friction. Better already...
  5. Spence71

    Sold - Tetherd Versa Straps - Mini’s

    Got a set of 4 of the mini versa straps from Tetherd. Used a couple of times then changed my climbing method. If you have Hawks with the plastic buttons….these don’t fit. Not without a little button molding/modification. $40 TYD Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. Spence71

    SOLD - Versa straps. Please close

    Got a set of 4 versa straps. Used a handful of times. $40 TYD. PayPal f&f. Looking to buy or trade a hawk sized scout. And some cash your way. Or just sell me out right and order the scout. What ya gots? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. Spence71

    SOT Kayak

    What’s a “good” mid priced kayak to pick up. Don’t wanna spend 2k. Hahaha. Was thinking the $500ish range. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. Spence71

    Best dump pouch

    Found this in the garage. Yes. It’s going on the saddle at some point. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  9. Spence71

    Second Annual Greater Carolina Hangtime

    UPDATED 3/9/21 Sounds all official don't it??? Can you believe it's been a year already? Who's ready to come show off some new gear? Try some new stuff out? Hang out with the coolest people I know? John's (Bwhana) is a little too slammed this year to plan this party but there are a few of us...
  10. Spence71

    Mantis XL package $ 200 - Sold

    First saddle. Used 1 season, then upgraded to Phantom. Waiting to upgrade again this spring. Kept this one as a back up or loaner for a buddy hunt. New this is $314 for the saddle/ropes. $45 ropeman and $30 for haulers. So about 50% off. Hoping to sell to someone getting into this as a budget...
  11. Spence71

    Best add on so far. $.04

    Switched to oplux this year. One stick and regular climbing set up. Also needed to split some gear to complete a 2nd saddle. Tethered ropes an a rope man went so I needed a something to work with the oplux. Went back to prusik. And added a 10” or so piece of paracord as a tender. Best add on...
  12. Spence71

    First climb. Ever

    Sitting at the desk today. I’ve been not feeling great the past few days. Just head cold. Anyway, was supposed to take my son out hunting today but for some reason he wasn’t into it and I wasn’t arguing. Not feeling a little like poo and hunting in the upper 70’s.... Anyway was sitting there...
  13. Spence71

    Not saddle...Or hunting

    Got an ask from my MIL for a present for my FIL. He’s retiring and wants a police scanner. Other than digital is needed for their area.... I’m lost. Anyone? Under $400 if possible. Also Amazon is a plus. Thanks in advance. There’s gotta be some folks on here that know a thing or two about...
  14. Spence71

    I hate...

    Always wondered. If everything on earth was put here and has a purpose then why mosquitoes. Why cockroaches?? Then I started hunting. Squirrels? Come on man..... Am I right?? Hahahaha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  15. Spence71

    Happy Veterans Day

    Just throwing up a Hand Salute to all those that have it are currently serving!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  16. Spence71

    Tethrd roll up pouch

    I keep seeing videos of folks having one, either a tethered test version or a homemade/Tethrd inspired version. I looked on their site and searched here. Didn’t find anything other than the videos I’ve seen. Anyone have any inside info? Release? Name? How many monies? Thanks y’all. Sent...
  17. Spence71

    Mother trucker

    Just got a call that the land owner called and needed the lock codes to our locks at the lease. So the logging trucks can park. Yep. Bow season starts in 24 days and they are about to clear cut 60-120 acres. And wanna guess where the few buck pics are? Smack dab in the middle of that’s about...
  18. Spence71

    Heavy Arrows

    Anyone try the momentum set ups? Liking to get into a heavy arrow and for about the same price for me to build a set i can buy theirs ready to fire. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  19. Spence71

    New Shop (Hickory NC area)

    Well... "new to me". not a new shop. Went over to a buddy's house sunday and did some shooting. He's got 10 or so 3D targets in his backyard. Fridge full of beer. Was a good evening.. anyway, he was telling me about his bow. He recently had it restrung. Something wasn't right. Instead...
  20. Spence71

    Moultrie trail camera question

    Hey folks. Snagged an inexpensive 4g camera. Have a handful of pics that I’d like to burn the hi-res “credits” on. However... not sure where to find them after requested. A web search led me a forum from a. Year ago where people we complaining about not getting them after requested. The 2...