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    Older guys

    Very encouraging and inspirational to hear from the more mature hunters. I think I'm 32 but the date on my drivers licence tells me to add at least 20 years to that... I mostly use rope steps and rappel.
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    Post season workout encouragement thread!

    After a couple of months of slacking, managed to get on a kettlebell regime again. And dug out the mountain bike. Had a fun ride yesterday with some buddies, the aching legs tell me that there will be more of this in the agenda.
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    Arrow tuning questions

    I second the sentiment on starting with a low draw weight. There are a lot of challenges when starting out with a stickbow, draw weight should not be one of them. You could go even lower, 30# would not be out of line. Wooden arrows are the most economical, but not by much when you start really...
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    Cock feather orientation

    Re-reading my previous post, it does seem a bit abrasive. My apologies for the phrasing that was not very polite.
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    Live from the saddle 2021

    A crisp 15*F. Love them Sorel boots. Deer sign? I would say so.
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    Cock feather orientation

    By all means, shoot a 300 round for score first one way and then the other and see if the orientation matters. I don't manage to find any differnce. Likely I'm not a good enough shot to notice.
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    Cock feather orientation

    Provided your arrows are of proper spine and tuned to the bow, it does not make any difference.
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    Shooting through paper - as a tool for form

    What Tom said. If your arrows are well in tune, then perhaps. A bare shafted arrow would be more convenient, imho. Call it "portable coach".
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    Rappel rope length

    Just about 35 ft of retired 10.5 mm climbing rope. The economical choice, lol.
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    Fixed crawl

    Fixed crawl, like all stringwalking pretty much necessitates a vertical bow position. But if one can make it work it is an effective aiming method. The only thing that dissuaded me from pursuing it futher was the noise. I could never make the bow as quiet as when shooting three under, let...
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    Self filmed late season buck

    Well done, both on the filming and the hunt. A nice buck to boot as well.
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    Anyone seen New summit 3 step sticks

    Dug up an old thread... Does anybody have any first hand experience with these? Seem to be fairly competitively priced at a local dealer.
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    Help on getting started on reloading

    One more thing: Keep a meticulous logbook on your recipes , from the very first cartridge you load. This is invaluable data to build your experience on and to resort to further down the line. *edit* late in the draw, I see, lol. *edit* Have fun and keep it safe.
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    Wife commenting on stuff...

    A few years back, after returning from an unsuccesful, wet, late season duck hunt: " Seems that you'd be more effective in bringing protein to the family if you just swam around in the pond. You could use your beard as a sieve and catch us plankton."
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    A broadhead shaped hole in the heart picture. My first kill.

    A great story and process. Well done!
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    Need Help Choosing Caliber for New Rifle

    Of the original choices I'd pick .308 first, 30-06 second. Shooting will be much more pleasant and economical than with the .300 Mag. Not to mention that with the bullets and cartridges offered today they will handle all the game you mentioned with aplomb.
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    Hoist rope

    Paracord for me as well.
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    Arrow Spine Question

    With the same specs as you ( draw length, arrow length and bow weight) I can tune my bow to shoot .400 shafts with 100 gr points or .340 shafts with 125 points. The stiffer spine and heavier points give me a slight edge on accuracy, and I've come to prefer that arrow setup.
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    Broadhead orientation

    I agree with what the others have stated. The orientation of the broadhead is not an issue providing the setup is properly tuned.
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    Another first saddle buck

    Nice buck. Congrats.