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  1. Kyhunter1

    Sold. Stick Mounted Platform

    For sale is a stick top mount platform. Fits 1 inch sticks. It is 12 in x 4 in x 4 in. Made of 1/4 inch thick sturdy aluminum. No flex to it whatsoever. Some weight saver holes were drilled out. It weighs 1 pound 14 oz on my scales. I never hunted with this platform, just made it and...
  2. Kyhunter1

    Lever Gun Fan Club

    Talk about and post pics of your lever action rifles here. My dad started me out with a old Marlin Glenfield 30-30. Took several deer with it till he bought me a 30-06 for Christmas when I was 19. That was in 1994. Several of our family members and friends took their first deer with Dads old...
  3. Kyhunter1

    2 Inch Slide Buckles for Web Straps US made

    I have eight 2 Inch width Slide Buckles for Web Straps. They are acetyl plastic and US made. They seem to be well made. I put a cobra buckle on my trophyline ambush's waist belt and needed something to tame the tag ends. These work perfect for that purpose and I'm sure they could be used...
  4. Kyhunter1

    Final Price Drop: XOP Climbing Sticks 2 Step model

    For sale is a set of 3 XOP climbing sticks. Gray. The two step model. Bought them and ended up not hunting with them. They were tried on a tree one time. They are very sturdy on the tree and bite well. One of the cheapest stick options out there. They are very quiet when locked together with the...
  5. Kyhunter1

    Made my own platform

    I decided to make my own platform. It's similar to the artisan but turns away from the stick. This gives much more foot room on top of it. 12 in x 4 in area and the aluminum is 1/4 in thick. I bought a stock piece of aluminum 6061 angle metal to make it. It was around 2.5 pounds before drilling...
  6. Kyhunter1

    Sold. Back Woods Mobile Gear Versa Aider

    Back Woods Mobile Gear Versa Aider. Like new, never hunted. I just tried it one time before season. Was bought for a set of 20 inch climbing sticks and never got around to using it, just tested it one time. It adds one extra step distance to your climbing sticks as you climb up. Overall...
  7. Kyhunter1

    Sold Ridge Runner Platform

    Sold. OOAL ridge runner platform. Used for 3 half day hunts. In great shape. I would like $145 shipped in the US for it. Paypal or usps mo.
  8. Kyhunter1

    Saddle Buck

    He is not a monster but glad to take him. My first saddle hunting buck. Already started on some jerky with him. South West VA black powder kill. Easy 25 yard shot, went down in sight. Was using a trophyline saddle, bolt steps, and ridge runner platform. I hunt Ky mainly, but I have a buddy with...
  9. Kyhunter1

    SOLD. Summit Hand Climber Saddle Platform

    Summit aluminum Viper Hand Climber modified for a climbing Saddle Platform. I put three nicely spaced cross bars on it to stand on. All kinds of room to stand, turn around, etc. It is painted with rustoleum matte OD green paint. Its not hard to climb with it. I used it for four half day hunts...
  10. Kyhunter1

    How much have you spent on your saddle setup?

    How much have you spent on your saddle setup? Me so far, and Iyet to hunt from a saddle a single day. Trophyline saddle and tether lineman's ropes. Ridge runner platform Artisan mini platform on my top stick 3 EWO Doublesteps lightweight climbing sticks with aiders attached. Ive spent over...