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  1. Kyhunter1

    What is your go to hunting height?

    15-25 most of the time. Depends on the situation. If its over 20, its in the climber. With my saddle its usually 15-18. Cumbersome equipment wise to go higher. We had permanent stands in the late 80's and early 90's over 30 feet up. Never had a single deer bust us in those. Those were ridge top...
  2. Kyhunter1

    Old school “MKM” platform

    It's probably a tree seat. Either at ground level or to add a seat to just a platform stand in a tree. I used a plastic Seat-A-Tree years ago. It's similar to the mkm in how it works.
  3. Kyhunter1

    Staying home to hunt

    Most of my hunting is less than a hour of total truck and ATV ride time. My favorite hunting is on the mtn behind my house. Just a 10 min atv ride. I do travel out of state some after filling my ky tags.
  4. Kyhunter1

    Saddle Hunting Climbing Platform

    A easy to use, stable, and light weight climber platform will cause me to spend some $.
  5. Kyhunter1

    Have you ever took a year off from hunting.

    I wouldn't take a year off for my wife. Would have to be something major requiring it before I would ever consider that. 22 years in she knows me not hunting is not a option. If she gets to the point she cant deal with my hunting, I will find somebody that will.
  6. Kyhunter1

    Eberlestock packs

    What Treestand hand climber is this? Sorry for the off topic post but I would like to know.
  7. Kyhunter1

    bear prevention

    If any bear starts up my tree its a dead bear. I dont care what the laws are at that point. Just keep quite if you have to resort to that.
  8. Kyhunter1


    Every blue gill we put on the line is either a catfish on the line or empty hook when we run it. Bigger the bait, bigger the cats. We have not trotlined in a few years, starting miss it.
  9. Kyhunter1

    Let's talk Flashlights for blood trailing

    Their headlamps would be good for tracking. Except for a few surefires, I have moved on to other brands with broader 18650 support. I have a G2X LE mounted on a 12 gauge. Also have a old 6 P that I will never part with. Its bored out to take 18650's and has a Malkoff led conversion module in it.
  10. Kyhunter1

    Let's talk Flashlights for blood trailing

    I use a 500 lumen streamlight 2L-X Pro Tac 18650 light. The clip is two way so you can attach it to your hat bill which is how I use it most of the time. Bright enough but it has a longer 2.5 hour burntime before starting to dim out. I also have in my backpack a larger cerakote camo Fenix PD36R...
  11. Kyhunter1

    Sold. Stick Mounted Platform

    Yours. Sold.
  12. Kyhunter1

    Sold. Stick Mounted Platform

    $35 shipped.
  13. Kyhunter1

    Sold. Stick Mounted Platform

    Big price drop, lets get this sold. Was $55, now $40 shipped.
  14. Kyhunter1

    Sold. Stick Mounted Platform

    For sale is a stick top mount platform. Fits 1 inch sticks. It is 12 in x 4 in x 4 in. Made of 1/4 inch thick sturdy aluminum. No flex to it whatsoever. Some weight saver holes were drilled out. It weighs 1 pound 14 oz on my scales. I never hunted with this platform, just made it and...
  15. Kyhunter1

    Calling Central Kentuckians

    Sure. Kinda hard to disguise you as a 12 yr old.
  16. Kyhunter1

    Calling Central Kentuckians

    I would love to attend this one but thats our ky spring turkey youth weekend. Have multiple nieces and nephews expecting to go hunt some turkeys. Maybe next time.
  17. Kyhunter1

    Calling Central Kentuckians

    I might be able too. Depends on when.
  18. Kyhunter1

    Lever Gun Fan Club

    Iron sights are great close range inside 100. They are difficult when its near end of legal shooting time. Ive killed a couple nice ones you couldn't have shot without a scope. Im working in a win 94 now. It will wear see through mounts and a compact leupold 2.5-8x36. Best of both worlds. Your...
  19. Kyhunter1

    Lever Gun Fan Club

    Beautiful rifle and buck! You just cant beat a lever gun for handling. Thats a fine marlin you have, especially it being stainless. One im definitely looking to get if the opportunity ever arises.
  20. Kyhunter1

    Turkey Vest recommendations

    Used a vest for a long time but for the last 7 years Ive used a backpack. Not going back to a vest. The last 3-4 years used a Badlands Recon backpack. It's big enough to hold my gear, decoy, seat, jacket, and enough room to put a 20 + pound gobbler inside. Badlands discontinued it but they...