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  1. sokraski

    Singer 66 - Will it work?

    I've been keeping an eye on a Singer 66 Centennial that is posted on Craigslist. I'm looking to make some bags, pouches, webbing loops, etc as well as eventually dabbling in the diy saddles. Will this machine be able to handle these different tasks (going through several layers of heaving...
  2. sokraski

    Black Friday or Christmas sales for Seek Outside / Stone Glacier / Kuiu?

    I'm looking to get a new pack frame (not interested in packs, just frame/suspension) and have been looking at Seek Outside, Stone Glacier, or Kuiu. I plan to order both the Krux EVO and Xcurve from SG, the Revolution from SO, and the frame and pro suspension from Kuiu so I can compare them at...
  3. sokraski

    JX3 whale tail safety concern

    I have been debating if I should install the retaining bolt that prevents the whale tail from coming all the way out or leave it off in case there would be any reason for removal in the field. I was originally thinking about if packing meat or other items if the tail would be in the way while...
  4. sokraski

    Surplus Gen3 ECWCS sizing help

    Looking for some help with the Gen 3 ECWCS sizing, specifically level 7, but will probably pick up levels 1, 2, & 3 as well (the price is right for having some extra layers around if my current stuff is dirty or gets torn/ruined). I'm 5'8" 175 lbs. My chest with measuring tape is 42" and waist...
  5. sokraski

    Briars, cockle-bur, burdock, bur clover, or anything else that grabs you - what ya'll using to keep them off?

    Doesn't matter where I hunt, I seem to always get covered in some form of vegetation and have to waste time picking them off. What is everyone using/wearing to keep them away? I was about to order some chaps (https://danshuntinggear.com/chaps-brush-buster.html) as I would only need them for...
  6. sokraski

    Socks - Altera alpaca / Darn Tough Merino (edit... Alpaca/Merino Socks)

    I would like to upgrade to a premium, unconditional lifetime warranty sock (both for hunting as well as everyday work). Altera and Darn Tough both seem to fit this bill but two different materials. On paper, Alpaca seems like it is a superior choice, but I would like to hear some first hand...
  7. sokraski

    Safeguard vs ISC D2 Escape for Oplux

    Has anyone used ISC D2 Escape descender (https://www.iscwales.com/Products/descenders/RP860-D2-Escape-Descender) on Oplux? It is specifically for 8mm rope. Doesnt look like it can be installed mid-line, but needs to have the end of the rope fed through. Is that correct? Specifically looking...