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  1. sokraski

    Hawk Crawler deer cart under 100 bucks

    I had it in my cart when it was $94. By the time I got done putting a few more items in before checkout it was at $111. I ended up getting the "used like new" one for $90. Not sure if they still have any of those left because it said only a few remaining but it could save some cash.
  2. sokraski

    Advice on Hand Ascender purchase for novice in regards to SRT?

    Another vote for CT quick roll with the pulley.
  3. sokraski

    Daisy Chain for sticks

    I made 4 of them for my sticks. 7', 8', 9', & 10'. The first 3' on all of them do not have loops. I used fishing line on the open 3' sections to keep the two lines together. Without the fishing line, sometimes they would separate and one would hang on the bark. I left first 3' unchained to...
  4. sokraski

    Machine Help

    motor brushes?
  5. sokraski

    So ya wanna build a pack?

    That would be awesome. The more pictures to compare and get ideas the better.
  6. sokraski

    Padding a saddle

    Awesome, I'm roughly the same size. I found the company has an ebay store and right now they have factory seconds (misprints or off colors) and they are selling for $9 with free shipping! I don't really care what the color is because I'll make a cover for it as well. This site is excellent at...
  7. sokraski

    Padding a saddle

    Thats pretty slick. I don't really have a comfort issue, but I could see how it would be pretty comfortable in a saddle if those circle parts line up good with hip bones.
  8. sokraski

    Central Illinois Hunter

    Welcome from the Bloomington area!
  9. sokraski

    Custom Built Packs

    You're reading my mind. I'm about to hopefully go pickup a good "thread injector" for doing something like this, among other stuff I would like to use it for. I bought a Stone Glacier X curve frame last year and love it because of comfort and versatility. Just used whatever bag I wanted and...
  10. sokraski

    Singer 66 - Will it work?

    Thanks again @bj139. Watched that video and went ahead and contacted the seller. I'm going to pick it up early next week. Guess I'll have to look through the flashlight thread now so I can see once I get down in this deep rabbit hole!
  11. sokraski

    Singer 66 - Will it work?

    I've been keeping an eye on a Singer 66 Centennial that is posted on Craigslist. I'm looking to make some bags, pouches, webbing loops, etc as well as eventually dabbling in the diy saddles. Will this machine be able to handle these different tasks (going through several layers of heaving...
  12. sokraski

    "The official saddle hunting backpack thread"

    About a month and a half ago I ordered a HH Full Curl Lite, Badlands Vario Frame, Seek Outside Revolution Frame, and a Stone Glacier Xcurve Frame looking for something similar to what you are looking for. I used the full 30 days return period to test and see which would work best for me...
  13. sokraski

    Quality boots - MUCK

    I have the arctic pro. Got them three years ago. For a rubber boot, they are pretty comfortable to walk in. While moving, they are very warm, but do not breathe and feet will begin to sweat with a longer walk. While stationary, I find them to be no where near as warm as what their rating is...
  14. sokraski

    SRT Climbing

    Can you explain this? I've seen it mentioned before, but I can not wrap my head around why a basal anchor causes more weight on the limb than a canopy anchor.
  15. sokraski

    Cold feet

    Boot size is 11, Mukluk is Large. Seem to run true to sizes they have listed. They go right over your boot that you are wearing. Even my Muck Arctic Pro boots fit in them, although I don't used them with these boots. I thought about the overboots, but since I already had the arctic shield...
  16. sokraski

    Cold feet

    I have always had a problem with cold feet. I have tried the heated insoles and various sock combinations over the years. Even when feet are fully dry, after a couple hours of not moving they start to get cold. This year I switched to alpaca socks and they have made a huge difference...
  17. sokraski

    Horn Hunter Full Curl Lite

    I just returned a full curl lite combo. I REALLY liked the setup but there were a couple issues for me. The padding on the belt stopped right at the point of my hips and would sometimes cause discomfort. The bigger reason was that the shoulder harness was not wide enough for me. I have broad...
  18. sokraski

    Black Friday or Christmas sales for Seek Outside / Stone Glacier / Kuiu?

    I'm looking to get a new pack frame (not interested in packs, just frame/suspension) and have been looking at Seek Outside, Stone Glacier, or Kuiu. I plan to order both the Krux EVO and Xcurve from SG, the Revolution from SO, and the frame and pro suspension from Kuiu so I can compare them at...
  19. sokraski

    Alpaca Socks

    I use altera alpaca socks for everything. Lifetime warranty. Been holding up extremely well. Washing machine and dryer or air dry. Can't compare because I haven't used Merino because on paper alpaca is superior so I started with them.