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  1. gameflogger

    Badlands Pyre jacket

    Anyone else have a badlands Pyre jacket? If so I have some questions. Mine fits great, but is a little snug under my armpits.
  2. gameflogger

    Schnees boots??

    Anyone tried the schnees boots? They have a steep price tag. Are they worth it?
  3. gameflogger

    One sticking rope tender finger saver

    I made these “finger savers” for tending your tether/ rappelling rope while climbing.
  4. gameflogger

    Perch with aider

    Anyone try putting an aider on a wild edge perch to get the best use out of the last step? If so how is it working out? I use a knaider/swaider and typically get about 5’ per step
  5. gameflogger

    Merlin just came in

    I just opened my aerohunter merlin, it came usps priority mail today. My first thoughts are thst it seems pretty comfortable, I sat in the yard for a few minutes. My initial concerns about the 1” webbing arrangement causing concentrated pressure points seems to be a non issue. Overall it...
  6. gameflogger

    Eberlestock X2 mossy oak break up SOLD PLEASE CLOSE

    X2 pack for sale, excellent condition, mossy oak breakup, 185.00TYD paypal f&f
  7. gameflogger

    I had it all wrong!!!!!

    I just recently purchased a 1 stick from @Jtaylor that he customized (very nicely I should say) to try out 1 sticking. I have to say for run and gun method the 1 stick method is awesome. Pretty quick up the tree, sooooo light to carry in, and pretty easy to get the hang of. After trying out...
  8. gameflogger

    # stealth strips are the schiz

    Louis at stealth strips is an awesome guy! I give all credit to my encounter to saddlehunter. I recently got sone stealth strip material from stealthoutdoors and I used it on my arrow rest, 1 stick, I even fixed a hole in my camo coveralls. I think I am going to stealth strip everything...
  9. gameflogger

    Sitka ascent vest and lightweight bino harness 70.00 TYD

    Never used sitka ascent vest and sitka lightweight bino harness 80.00 TYD paypal f&f
  10. gameflogger

    Complete SRT gear set GRIGRI SPF

    Complete SRT setup, petzl left hand ascender, petzl grigri, locking carabiner, throw rope bag, slack tending pulley, wire gate carabiner for pulley. 180.00 TYD ppf&f
  11. gameflogger

    Kong duck red/black 55.00 TYD SOLD PLEASE CLOSE

    Kong duck red and black, only used in my yard once, 55.00 TYD
  12. gameflogger

    Kings camo mountain top 2200 pack new with tags 130.00 TYD

    Kings camo mountaintop 2200 pack new with tags and hydration bladder (never used) 130.00 TYD ppf&f
  13. gameflogger

    Slumberjack deadfall 65 Kryptek meat hauler pack 160.00 TYD

    Slumberjack deadfall 65 meat hauler pack with aluminum stay frame new without tags, never left my workshop. 180.00 TYD ppf&f
  14. gameflogger

    Petzl traxion micro

    Anyone use a petzl traxion micro?
  15. gameflogger

    40 meter Mammut dynamic rope 10.1mm 100.00 TYD

    I have 40 meters of mammut 10.1mm dynamic rope that I dont use anymore. $100.00 TYD ppf&f.
  16. gameflogger

    Looking to trade for 3 blade rage cut on contact broadheads

    Anyone have any of the old 3 blade cut on contact broadheads with the o ring that they would be willing to trade?
  17. gameflogger

    Just about wrapped up my new battle belt saddle

    I have been intrigued by the battle belt mods some of you guys have posted. I pulled out my old aero evo yesterday to see what I liked and didn’t like. I have a one stick on the way so I figure I will try something a little different. Lemme know what yall think.
  18. gameflogger

    How much water do you guys pack in?

    I live in Texas, and a lot of times when I hunt it is a little warm. I always bring in about 2 liters of water if I am going to hunt for more than a couple hours. Im just curious how much water you other fellas pack in for long sits.
  19. gameflogger

    Garmin Rhino gps radio?

    Anyone using the garmin rhino 2 way radios? I have been thinking about buying one, but I have a small garmin dakota I think and it takes forever to acquire the satellites in the woods. It works well in the wide open when I already know where I am at lol.
  20. gameflogger

    Got the ol Elvis leg this past weekend.

    Went to the hill country this past weekend to get set up for bow season this year. It was blistering hot and dry (102 degrees). I decided to set up my saddle in a shaded cedar tree on a water hole and practice for the season. A monster porker (Deuce and a half) came in to wallow in the mud...