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Search results

  1. MIPublic

    WTS - Carter Wise Choice

  2. MIPublic

    WTS - Carter Wise Choice

    3 Finger Carter Wise Choice in great shape. Comes with original packaging and Allen keys. Has a couple scuffs that I tried to capture in pictures but obviously sill functions flawlessly. $180 TYD via G/S. I'll cover fees and shipping.
  3. MIPublic

    Anyone gotten an overwatch yet?

    I wish someone had one at our demo day we did. Really wanting to try one out.
  4. MIPublic

    Grizzlystik 200 gr Samurai FT

    Pretty sure Grizz only makes RB
  5. MIPublic


    Traded please close
  6. MIPublic

    Please close found

    Sending PM
  7. MIPublic

    Hickory Creek Koolaid

    Does the fastfire 3 not have brightness adjustment? I know for all those smaller red dot sights it's about 50/50 on if they do. Show us a few pictures with it on there!
  8. MIPublic


    Bump for change of what I'm looking for.
  9. MIPublic

    WTB - Predator pack straps

    Looking for the upgraded predator pack straps. Thanks!
  10. MIPublic

    EWO discount?

    if you're buying sticks there actually IS a discount right now. ewostick is 10% off stick configurations if I'm not mistaken.
  11. MIPublic

    2021 "Huck it, I'mma Sit on My Bucket" Contest

    Don't you mean break like a cracked bucket?
  12. MIPublic


    That's what prompted me to make the post! Already purchased and started!!
  13. MIPublic


    I think I have everything he's done that he's done the narration for. Meateater is great and all, but I could listen to him read goodnight moon.
  14. MIPublic


    American Buffalo was great, listened to that when it came out.
  15. MIPublic


    I think that's one of the reasons I loved Ready Player One, Will Wheaton did a fantastic job narrating. Sent from my moto g(7) power using Tapatalk
  16. MIPublic


    https://www.audible.com/pd/Watchers-Audiobook/B07D2JG8TH this one?
  17. MIPublic


    I am not ashamed. HP audiobooks are incredible.
  18. MIPublic


    I have some credits with Audible that are about to expire and I'm looking to burn a few, any recommendations? Hunting-related would be cool. but I'm good with anything really. I like history, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones is about as mythological as I'll get, I loved Ready Player One, and...
  19. MIPublic

    Worst invasive species in North America

    Who can afford one of those these days?