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  1. bowhuntr09

    Save your money on “Scent Control”

  2. bowhuntr09

    Mathews Ultrarest HDX (sealed package) SOLD

    Brand new, never opened Mathews Ultrarest HDX RH Black. $115 TYD Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. bowhuntr09

    Tuffhead and Sirius

    If I didn't know any better, I would say Tuffhead and Sirius archery are merging or one bought the other. Tuffheads site is very generic with a "announcement coming soon" and if you click the company logo it redirects to the Sirius site. Anybody have the scoop?
  4. bowhuntr09

    Strange sighting

    Wife and I were in the driveway giving the dog a bath. I looked up and see the neighbor girl coming down the street on her bicycle and a full grown doe was running along behind her. I thought for a second it was just a coincidence and they happened to be going the same direction momentarily, but...
  5. bowhuntr09

    2020 Sitka Tool Bucket - SOLD Please Close

    $175 TYD Up for sale is a 2020 version Sitka ToolBucket. This is the newer version which does not have a waist belt. It has one small flaw in the mesh pocket (shown in pic) just a slight tear. This was my primary bag last season, but other than that small tear is in great shape. Sent...
  6. bowhuntr09

    Arrow rest issues (QAD)

    I bought a Vertix a couple years ago with a QAD dropaway rest. When I first started shooting the bow (after years and years of shooting a Bowtech) I was getting fletching ripped off arrows. Bowshop convinced me it was my form and I was torquing the bow. I had been shooting for years and normally...
  7. bowhuntr09

    Site issues???

    I haven’t been able to get the site to load all day. If this posts, apparently Tapatalk still works. Anyone else having issues? Chrome on my phone or pc both say unexpected database error. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. bowhuntr09

    Latitude Method Metal-Free - SOLD

    $225 TYD I’m selling my Latitude Method metal-free. It’s in like new condition. Not a mark on it. I have multiple saddles and this one only got used 4-6 times last season if that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. bowhuntr09

    Horn Hunter Full Curl Combo - SOLD PLEASE CLOSE

    $215 TYD Up for sale is the Full Curl Combo. I bought it at the tail end of 2019 season and maybe carried it twice. I had planned to use it this past season but I'm a packaholic and ended up buying a couple of other packs I carried all season so this one never really got used at all. It's...
  10. bowhuntr09

    Mystery Ranch @ Mountain Archery

    I have been wanting a MR pack for a while. Got an email that mountain-archery.com is having a 3 day sale on MR Packs. I put a pack in my cart, hit checkout and filled in my all info except for payment and let it sit for about 30 minutes or so while I thought it over. Got one of those "you left...
  11. bowhuntr09

    Arrow Building - Ranch Fairy - insert glue

    I’m going down the RF rabbit hole. What’s everyone’s preferred glue for inserts. What do you do if you want to play with insert weight? If I glue a 100g insert in, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be easy to get it back out and trim it. Yes, I am aware of slinging the drill bit inside the shaft.
  12. bowhuntr09

    New Trophyline EDP Platform

    Just saw this. Looks pretty good if you like the Mission but wanted something a little smaller/lighter. Start around the 16:00 mark.
  13. bowhuntr09

    PayPal Sellers....The Tax Man cometh.....

    Just be aware that if you sell items and accept Paypal G&S for payment, you may be receiving a 1099 from Paypal. I'm not sure if its nationwide or state specific, but I'm in VA and received a 1099 from PP for the proceeds I received from selling items this year.
  14. bowhuntr09

    GriGri+ on sale 25% off

    If anyone is looking for a GriGri+ this is a good deal. 25% off at Moosejaw
  15. bowhuntr09

    Predator ROPE - 75ft NEW -SOLD - CLOSE

    I have 75 ft of brand new, never touched a tree, Samson Predator rope. Great for DRT, or buy it for tether/linemans/bridge projects. $75 TYD Paypal
  16. bowhuntr09

    4 Shikars with straps - SOLD Please close

    I have 4 like new Shikar sticks. There are (3) 20” sticks and (1) 22” stick. A couple of these have been test fit to trees but never hunted and never really climbed. I would prefer not to separate. ETA- adding 4 new in the package straps. Want to sell these but not giving them away. Make me an...
  17. bowhuntr09

    Phantom saddle for sale - Sold please close

    I have a Flex, a JX3 and a Cruzr XC on order. I just don't need this many. The Phantom is in perfect condition, spent maybe a total of 10 minutes total in a tree in my yard. Saddle with original box, price is to your door. $235 - Sold pending funds
  18. bowhuntr09


    15% OFF! ENDS 3/23
  19. bowhuntr09

    Tethrd Versa Straps - Regular (8) (SOLD )

    I have 8 Tethrd Regular Versa straps. 3 have never been out of the package, the other 5 saw limited use on my beast sticks. All 8 TYD for $80.00. I would prefer not to split up, no trades.
  20. bowhuntr09

    20% Off CRISPI @ BlackOvis

    Lightened my wallet a bit.... https://www.huntinggeardeals.com/portfolio/crispi-guide-gtx-idaho-gtx-hunting-boots/?fbclid=IwAR1nIxhScXRY-HZnihWdZxT4vo98T70VRTZc0Chluw1w3fOfuLkEPIkDR8k Expires 2/28