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  1. ShawnE

    2020 Season Summary - Thank you! My best season ever!

    This is an update primarily to this thread here but felt it might be worth to have as its own post too: (https://saddlehunter.com/community/index.php?threads/cool-story-about-a-member-paying-it-forward-tethrdnation-style.27521/) (Pictures below) Thought I would give you all an update for how my...
  2. ShawnE

    SOLD PLEASE CLOSE WTS/WTT Windwalker Ultra Lite Backpack

    Original fleece Trebark transport backpack for the 6 pound Windwalker Ultra Lite tree stand that's very difficult to find. Overall the pack is in very good shape - was used with the stand approximately 20 times by the original owner. Two of the plastic buckles are broken - one of them still...
  3. ShawnE

    Audio Technica AT875R Video Camera Shotgun Mic Setup

    Audio Technica AT875R Shotgun Mic Kit Like new condition. Used in the field twice. Comes with all original packaging. Audio Technica AT875R Shotgun mic Auray Professional Windshield Kopul Coiled XLR-M to Angled XLR-F Cable $275 shipped tyd. Paypal G&S add 4% if not using F&F
  4. ShawnE

    SOLD PLEASE CLOSE - Fourth Arrow Stiff Arm Talon Kit - camera arm

    Fourth Arrow Stiff Arm Talon Kit Like new condition only used twice. Includes Talon Base, Fourth Arrow Professional Fluid Head and Stiff Arm. Wrapped in camo fabric tape to keep quiet and nick free. $280 shipped tyd. Paypal G&S add 4% if not using F&F
  5. ShawnE

    PLEASE CLOSE - Sony HXR-NX80 4K Video Camera Hunting Package

    Everything was purchased brand new 2 months ago minus the camera. The camera is in excellent/mint condition and was used very little. Still have the original box and manual as well. Awesome professional grade setup - my Fall just hasn't exactly gone the way I envisioned and can't justify keeping...
  6. ShawnE

    PLEASE CLOSE WTS/WTT Lone Wolf Assassin / Arcteryx Knee Pads / EWO Pouches / Aiders

    Trade deals I'm REALLY WANTING would be an 8.5 - 9.5 lb Lone Wolf Assault with EZ hook ability and leveling bracket. *SOLD* (1) Latitude Method metal free saddle with two Latitude pouches. (Used 1 time, in brand new condition) Does NOT include tether or lineman ropes (1) *SOLD* Lone Wolf...
  7. ShawnE

    Traded PLEASE CLOSE - ISO 4 Cam buckle straps for Novix Minis

    Whether they be Novix, Lone Wolf, LWCG, Beast, XOP or any other brand (not Hawk) that's exactly that same style - looking for 4 excellent/like new for a good price that someone has lying around not being used. I have 4 like new EWO woven daisy chains would love to make an even trade for if...
  8. ShawnE

    Novix Mini Stick Problems

    Two hunts in with these Novix minis with EWO woven daisy chains and after last nights hunt I am about to ditch them. No matter how hard I try to get them tight enough and set down good and proper, the bottom bracket keeps wanting to kick out when I put pressure on the bottom step. It's...
  9. ShawnE

    SOLD PLEASE CLOSE WTS/WTT Lone Wolf Assassin Harness - platform not included

    In very good/excellent unmodified condition. Would consider trades for binoculars, backpack, clothing, LH bow sight, maybe a decent knife, not sure etc :) $50 tyd PP F&F or add 3% for G&S Please PM if interested thanks!
  10. ShawnE

    SOLD PLEASE CLOSE Nockturnal Lighted Nocks - GT (14)

    Selling 8 brand new GT single packs with 6 opened nocks. All new. 14 lighted nocks total. $60 tyd PP F&F or add 3% for G&S Please PM if interested. Thanks
  11. ShawnE

    SOLD PLEASE CLOSE WTS/WTT Anderson / Big Buck Sling

    In very good/excellent unmodified condition. Would consider trades for binoculars, backpack, clothing, LH bow sight, maybe a decent knife, not sure etc :) $50 tyd PP F&F or add 3% for G&S Please PM if interested thanks!
  12. ShawnE

    4 Michigan bucks (private land)

    Bachelor group in velvet still hanging out on August 18th, plus a nice 10 point from July 29th. Recent screen grabs from my video clips. I will be happy to put a tag on any one of them. Can't wait for October 1st!
  13. ShawnE

    SOLD PLEASE CLOSE FS Loc On Windwalker Ultra-Lite Treestand

    I am re-selling my 6 Pound Loc On Windwalker Ultra-Lite treestand with the original fleece Trebark transport backpack that's nearly impossible to find. I actually sold this stand earlier this summer to a local buddy of mine after my wife and I lost our jobs due to covid. I did some work for...
  14. ShawnE

    SOLD Please Close FS Loc On Windwalker and Limit

    I am selling a Loc On Windwalker (not the Ultra Lite) and Limit that are both in great condition. As to be expected, there are some minor paint chips, and the WW has definitely been repainted at some point - but still looks super clean. The Limit is all original paint. Both stands have the...
  15. ShawnE

    Cool story about a member paying it forward (TethrdNation Style)

    A couple weeks back, I made a pretty impactful post on the saddle hunter facebook page about supporting the little guys in the saddle industry vs the big guys. @MCDM reached out with a friend request saying how my post was the highlight of his day. I said I almost didn't even commit with...
  16. ShawnE

    My 2 cent vent (Hawk Saddle & Platform News)

    I shared these thoughts on the Saddle Hunter facebook group and am overwhelmed by the positive reactions and thoughts, so I figured I'd share it here in the heart of the community too. I understand Hawk makes some good products and that their sticks especially are popular amongst us but with...
  17. ShawnE

    PLEASE CLOSE - For Sale: Loc On Windwalker Ultra-Lite Treestand

    I am selling my 6 Pound Loc On Windwalker Ultra-Lite treestand with the Original fleece Trebark transport backpack. I purchased it last Fall on here and its been stored in the gear closet ever since. Would love to keep it but I have too many projects going on. The previous owner never left it...
  18. ShawnE

    TRADED PLEASE CLOSE - WTT Aero Hunter Kestrel Size 2 - Like New, Mint

    I have a Kestrel Size 2 with a Back Band that has only been hunted with 3 times in the afternoon this season. Back band was never used at all. This saddle is pretty much like new condition. For trade: Medium Tethrd Mantis in similar minty fresh condition Lone Wolf Assault Treestand Lone Wolf...
  19. ShawnE

    SOLD Please Close - Tethrd Predator Platform

    I am selling a like new, never hunted with Tethrd Predator tree saddle hunting platform. Only reason I am selling it is because I bought it with a saddle package and already have a platform system in place. Snag it up and go kill a public land swamp donkey! $200 tyd. Located in Michigan. Thank...
  20. ShawnE

    Trophyline Neoprene Saddle Package (Medium)

    I have for sale a full ready to hunt saddle setup. Just not right for me at this time. Saddle was customized by previous owner with a MN Black Label Suspender harness with gel pads that is more comfortable than the stock harness Medium Neoprene saddle. includes camo knee pads, Trophyline...