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  1. Jwiggins762

    Writing letters for permission

    So I decided to pick around 10 or 15 letters to write this summer to ask for permission to hunt. I love hunting public and that is my main priority, but when I get off work it takes me 45 mins just to get to the closest public. So I'm looking for properties close to my work and house. Anyone...
  2. Jwiggins762

    Wrong place at the wrong time...

    This sucks...
  3. Jwiggins762

    GPS watches

    I've done little research but I have looked to see if I could get onx on a watch. I've seen Garmin has there own topo GPS watch. I would love to have a watch that has onx on it. If I'm somewhere I dont look at a compass I usually look at my phone and it would be easier if I had a watch instead...
  4. Jwiggins762

    Turkey Talk

    Bama opener was Saturday, it had been 20+ years since the last time I went and my dad took me. I ended up setting up 30 yards from some scratching I found the day prior. Found a tree and was letting the woods wake up and next thing I know I hear dogs barking going crazy. In about 10 to 15 mins...
  5. Jwiggins762

    A year without buying hunting gear?

    My last hunting related purchase was December 28th from EWO. I told myself last year that in 2021 I was not going to buy much gear because 2020 i bought a new bow,arrows,broadheads, 3 saddles, 2 sets of sticks, a one stick and all the setup that comes with that, hunting clothes, boots, boot...
  6. Jwiggins762

    Spypoint app issues

    I've had 2 cameras for 3 months now, and still can't upgrade to full HD and have even tried to get a plan. Everytime I put in my credit card info I get unknown error. I even emailed them a few months ago and they just said keep trying. Anyone else have this issue?
  7. Jwiggins762

    Bama SOA Hunts

    Anyone get picked for any soa hunts? I just checked and didn't even get an alternate, 2nd year in a row now. Try again next year.
  8. Jwiggins762

    750 million "Robo-Frankenstein" Mosquitoes

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/08/19/health/gmo-mosquitoes-approved-florida-scn-wellness/index.html This is going to turn out just like they expect, nothing could go wrong.... of course they start with Florida.
  9. Jwiggins762

    SOLD 1- 2019 cutdown Hawk Helium with amsteel daisy chain and 2 step amsteel aider

    *Cutdown comes with amsteel daisy chain and 2 step amsteel aider, also been painted. Only used in yard. $65 f&f paypal * full length $40 Sold
  10. Jwiggins762

    No college football= more hunting pressure?

    I know personally I missed a few days/evenings in the woods last year due to football games, now the whole college season may be canceled. I definitely believe, if they do, there will be more hunting pressure. I'm gonna miss football but at the same time might get a few more hunts out of it....
  11. Jwiggins762

    The things we find in the woods...

    I been seeing threads about hunters leaving stands and etc in the woods and whether if it's legal or not. I thought I would start one to just post pics or talk about things we have found in the woods, whether if its illegal or not. It could be a deer, critter, or anything that made you snap a...
  12. Jwiggins762

    PLEASE CLOSE SOLD WTS 11 Cranford Rope Steps $60

    Have 11 cranford rope steps I used all last season, $60TYD. Can send pics later this evening.
  13. Jwiggins762


    Probably going to regret this but I'm wanting to sell my mini for $675TYD. Never hunted with only shot in yard. Also can go to the website and check out some videos about it..... https://www.drawloc.com/
  14. Jwiggins762

    SKRE GEAR, how is it?

    I'm thinking about buying some actual good hunting clothes this year instead of going to walmart or the army surplus store like I have been all my life. Anyone ever try skre gear and how is it?
  15. Jwiggins762

    One sticking/reppeling with sewn on webbing bridge

    Anyone one stick or reppel with sewn on web bridge? Any cons to it? Or am I just worried for no reason?
  16. Jwiggins762

    Madrock safeguard help

    I've climbed/repelled twice now with the safeguard and I'm having a little trouble on the way down with the rope coming over the side. Anyone else have this issue or am I doing something wrong?
  17. Jwiggins762

    Please close

    Never used only took out of box and put together. I paid $150 for it I'm asking $60. I can upload the actual pic of the one I have if interested.
  18. Jwiggins762

    Please close

    Only used them once, asking for $80TYD for 2 sticks.
  19. Jwiggins762

    She lost her Shewee...

    Few weeks ago me and the wife were suppose to go on a trip to Arkansas to visit family but with covid-19 we stayed home and took the boat out for some fishing. My wife has had a shewee for probably 4 years or so but she lost it. That week I had to help her bend over the boat and it wasnt easy...
  20. Jwiggins762


    Wife sent this one to me this morning....