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  1. huntin_addict

    New PA tagging requirements

    Not sure if it's been mentioned or not, but after receiving and reviewing my new 2021/2022 license, I see there are month and day cutouts on the back. Additionally after reviewing the book, I see that cutting out the month and day are part of the tagging requirements. As a public service...
  2. huntin_addict

    Freezer just about finished

    Well folks, what with being off for a day or two, I figured I would take this time to top off the freezer. Rather successful too. Happy Holidays Y'all!!
  3. huntin_addict

    Stocking my pantry

    Ok y'all, after a couple of requests, figured I would share my process for stocking up the pantry for the winter. Let me start with this disclaimer: You should always do your own research prior to pressure canning to determine if what you are making is safe. Ok, now that I have that out of the...
  4. huntin_addict

    Fruits of our labor

    Got a bunch of deer meat chunked up ready to get pressure canned tomorrow. Got 3 quarts of meat marinating in Teriyaki sauce, 2 marinating in Korean BBQ sauce, and 2 with basic salt and pepper. Also have another quart marinating in Korean BBQ that will be stir fried tomorrow with rice and...
  5. huntin_addict

    Is it wrong....

    That I just killed a buck 25 yards from someones unattended blind on public land? Have hunted this for many years, never seen so much pressure.
  6. huntin_addict

    Well, it finally happened

    6:25AM, I'm 3 sticks up and a big shooter 8 literally walks 3 steps from my tree under me. Then he proceeds into my kill zone and stands there for about a minute. I'm hanging off the side of the tree looking at my bow laying on the ground....... I took an extra 15 minutes at the truck getting...
  7. huntin_addict

    Bought Please Close -WTB Mini Versa straps

    Well, made it full circle. Looking to buy a couple mini Versa straps. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  8. huntin_addict

    Fancy new phrase

    I see alot of guys like to throw around the phrase "kill kit". Maybe someone can elaborate about what specifically a kill kit is. As far as this ol' boy knows, isn't that a knife? I guess the only time I can see an addition to that is if a guy needs to quarter out an animal, then maybe a tarp...
  9. huntin_addict

    Sold please close WTS 4 LWCG minis with cable aiders

    I may regret this later, but I have (4) LWCG minis with cable aiders for $355 tyd. Full disclosure, the finish has peeled slightly in a few places, and they have the original LWCG micro versa buttons, one of which has a slight kick so I knocked off a couple of bucks. They will come with the...
  10. huntin_addict

    WTS (2) packs Universal Nockturnals

    Have 2 packs of Nockturnal Universal nocks, 1 is green and one is blue/red strobe, as well as the tool. One of the blue/red strobes has been shot 5 times, another has been shot once. The remainder are brand new never fired, but none are in the packaging. Everything $55tyd Will edit with pic later.
  11. huntin_addict

    LWCG Double Step stick review

    Ok guys & gals, got my LWCG Double Steps in a couple days ago & figured I would give an unbiased review. I won't give an unboxing and assembly review, that can be found elsewhere. For reference I run 6' and 225-230# depending on the meal and time of day. Also, let it be known I am not affiliated...
  12. huntin_addict

    Sold Please Close WTS (4) 17" Shikars

    Want to sell (4) 17" Shikars $360 tyd. They have been tried out in the yard a few times. Will not come with straps or the pictured Amsteel daisy chains. I'll ship USPS Priority. Save a little on shipping.
  13. huntin_addict

    Sold Please Close WTS 7 WE Stepps w/ 8 Stepp bag & JC knaider

    Have a set of 7 WE Stepps with 6' ropes, an 8 Stepp bag & a JC knaider for sale, $95 tyd. Pic only shows 6, but I have another hanging. They are vet taped. They are different colors because I bought a set brand new and a set used.
  14. huntin_addict

    Anyone near Ashtabula, OH?

    Anyone on here near Ashtabula, OH? I'll be hunting in OH this year, and because of CWD there are some restrictions on bringing game into PA. Looking for recommendations on a good processor & potentially a good taxidermist. Thanks in advance.
  15. huntin_addict

    For @Bigterp

    @Bigterp, here is a screenshot of the issue we are discussing via PM. I can attach in a thread, not PM.
  16. huntin_addict

    Keeping, Please close: WTT/WTS (2) Tethrd Mini VersaStraps

    I have 2 Tethrd Mini Versa straps that I would like to trade for (2) Amsteel daisy chains or $25 tyd. Thanks
  17. huntin_addict

    Looks like we're about to have another entry

    Anyone know anything about these guys? https://www.latitudeoutdoors.com/
  18. huntin_addict

    BEWARE Justin Leubner aka swapfox1862

    Did a deal with this member on Jan. 11th. First he took 6 days to ship, but did not ship everything that was in the deal. Told me he was working out of town and his wife would ship the rest. No dice. Couple days later I get a package, however, turns out he shipped my goods to @shamus275 & vice...
  19. huntin_addict

    Sold (3) LWCG Mini Sticks - Please close

    Set of (3) LWCG Mini Sticks with 6' Amsteel daisy chains. They have been tested out a few times by myself and previous owner, and test carried on my platform to test packability. $240 tyd Love the sticks and they pair up great with LWCG ambush, but I have 2 sets and only need 1.
  20. huntin_addict

    WTB (1) LWCG Mini Stick

    Like the title says, looking to purchase a single LWCG Mini Stick. If you have one you want to part with, shoot me a PM. Thanks.