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  1. Coathanger15

    Shakespeare Sierra X-18 Never Strung! Trades?

    I have a new old stock, Shakespeare Sierra X-18, still in plastic bag with original unopened string and warranty card from factory. Bow is pristine. 52 inch recurve. 45# at 28" I bought this but couldnt bring myself to string it. Didn't want to be the one to put the first scratch in this...
  2. Coathanger15

    Fs or trade Mathews flatline stabilizer 12 and Adjustable V-Bar

    Used for one season. Some paint rubbed off on bar in places but just cosmetic. Forest camo color. Vbar like new. Asking$140 for the stab and $100 for the v bar. Plus shipping. Thanks for looking
  3. Coathanger15


    Brand new Cruzr XC. Purchased last year, tried it on and really liked it but didn't want to make a change so close to season so it was never used. Size 1, black mesh, standard buckle, adjustable amsteel bridge $255 on web site. Save a few bucks here. Was planning on keeping it but have to...
  4. Coathanger15

    EZV Gen 1 For trade

    Up for trade is my gen 1 EZV and original inserts. I painted the tick Mark's on a couple inserts. You can order new sapphire inserts if you want but I always found the chartreuse color brighter in low light (I had both) when sighting this in on my second bow I stripped one of the threads on...
  5. Coathanger15

    EZV and sapphire inserts SOLD PLEASE DELETE

  6. Coathanger15

    WTT treehopper Recon for platform

    Used twice just not for me. Took off coating on buckles. Webbing bridge. Would love to try a platform. What do you have?
  7. Coathanger15

    Please close

    Please close
  8. Coathanger15

    Soul doubt

    I realize this style of hunting has been gaining popularity but was surprised to see how many options of saddles, sticks, platforms and ROS's in the September issue of bowhunter. Great advertising for all producers of saddle prouducts and especially for a lot of the smaller guys out there...
  9. Coathanger15

    Please delete

    Set of modified Hawk Heliums up for sale. Cut to 21 inches step to step. Have too many sticks and these only were used a handful of times. $120 you pay shipping Happy hunting
  10. Coathanger15

    Buck Down

    I've been reading all of the "burned out" threads and in some ways it is reassuring to know you are not alone in having a challenging season. 2/3rds of the way through mine and it finally happened. This is a bitter sweet kill as things did not go exactly as planned and I have taken to heart...
  11. Coathanger15

    Pay it forward

    You need it you got it. Just cover shipping -Four unused buckle straps from stacked outdoors -gorilla Trestman's safety harness (lots of DIY uses) -One Bullman outdoors step -One unused livewire descent system -Hawk helium cutoff steps -one cobra index style wrist release Let me know Thanks
  12. Coathanger15

    Stacked Outdoors Review

    For anyone who may be interested these are my take aways from my first use and hunt using the Stacked Outdoor Climbing Sticks. Backstory: I cut down and modified a set of hawk heliums over the summer and worked hard on a system using a DIY double step movable aider. Like most here I was on the...
  13. Coathanger15

    For those of you who Kayak in

    I'm looking for a bow holder recommendation. Either store bought or DIY. How do you get your bow in? I'm looking for a way to mount it in front of me somewhere as my pack takes up my only hatch in back. My sticks are under pack. What have you all been using? A good cell phone mount would...
  14. Coathanger15

    Sterling oplux question

    So I got myself some oplux from DanO and just cut off a section for my tether. I had a hard time melting the cut end. The core eventually got solid but the jacket just burnt Anyone have any suggestions? Should I use a torch instead of a lighter? Is this normal? What do you all use? Thanks...
  15. Coathanger15

    Assorted spare parts

    Cleaning out and thought someone may be interested. One bullman step 2 complete leg strap buckles from kestrel Two lone wolf standoffs Three helium cutoff with steps (one step missing hardwear One carabiner from sitdrag Live wire descent system One bluewater 27kn rated daisy chain/sling...
  16. Coathanger15

    Hawk Heliums back on sale

    For those of you waiting. Just saw these on Hawk's website
  17. Coathanger15

    Slowmo platform

    Have a DIY Slowmo Platform up for grabs. Wanted to try platform but I'm a ROS guy for sure. Figured someone would be interested. Let me know. 6061 aluminum post, extra layer of aluminum under post adjustment screw, lone wolf standoffs. Also cut some heart pine to fit in the ID of post for...
  18. Coathanger15

    Has anyone done this?

    Drill out holes in store bought climbing sticks for weight savings? I searched a couple threads and got sucked into a couple stick build thresds as well, but couldn't find what I was looking for. Would love to just buy Dan Infault's sticks and call it done but money is forever tight...
  19. Coathanger15

    Looking for sitdrag

    Anyone have a stock sitdrag they want to sell? Thanks.