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  1. USMC5831

    KY Public land bow kill 11/12/20

    This is my first buck from the saddle after 3 years. I caught this guy out crusing for ladies Thursday at 3pm, on a leeward ridge. Biggest bodied buck I’ve personally killed. Hell of a pack out, came back in the am for 80lbs of meat. 21 in outside spread.
  2. USMC5831

    Ozonics, proper placement?

    So I’ve ordered an Ozonics unit. I’m still sceptical, but figure I can sell it if I'm not impressed. I don’t Personally know anyone who uses one from a saddle. From what I’ve read, you want the stream of ozone going over top of your head, to kinda “cloak” your scent stream. So, from a...
  3. USMC5831

    Double step daisy chain webbing

    I’m surprised nobody mentioned this yet, but I got an email notification from EWO saying that their daisy chain webbing is back in stock. And they are not black to boot! I ordered 5 as soon as I got the email! Say bye bye to cam buckle straps!
  4. USMC5831

    New Glass

    I learned about the ExpertVoice on this forum, thanks guys! Now I’m shopping for new 10 x 42 binos. With the discounts available to me, I’m going with either the Vortex razor HD or Steiner HX. I’ve had experience with both brands in the past, and have been happy either way. I’m just...
  5. USMC5831

    New bridge

    Last year I ran an Amsteel bridge. I saw somebody do a review of Kestrel Vs. a Mantis with a double Amsteel bridge fished through tubular webbing. I really liked the look of it, and just finished my own. Here she is, 26 inches including the beaner. My single Amsteel bridge always spooked me...
  6. USMC5831

    KY public land buck down 11/14/18

    My buddy and I both got into saddle hunting this year. He shot this 3 yr old 8 pointer yesterday on public land in KY. The saddle has definitely been a GAME CHANGER for us, we have not sat the same tree or even spot more than once this year. I feel that since we haven’t burned out any spots, our...
  7. USMC5831

    New guy Amsteel question

    Howdy fellers, I’m one of the legions of new saddle hunters that have bum rushed this forum as of late. I’ve been creeping around regularly for a year or so, and have finally decided to register and post. Here is a little background on my conversion to saddle hunting. So, I’ve gone all in...