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  1. Thetrueredneck

    Building your own arrows

    Do you all have any good reads or YouTube’s that could help a guy get started in this task? Also any must have products that I couldn’t live without? Thanks in advance for the info.
  2. Thetrueredneck

    Spypoint Cell link issue

    So I bought a couple of these to try out and it just seems to be hit or miss with them. When I set them up in the yard I was able to get pics every day. I have since moved them out to some property and nodda. I just went out and check signal and battery’s. You guys got any suggestions I should...
  3. Thetrueredneck

    I ordered a new bow and I have a question.

    So after a lot of debate internally I have decided to order another Compound bow. I had some serious shoulder bicep and scapula surgery a few years back and picked up a crossbow to be able to continue my outdoor enjoyment. I have zero issue with the crossbow but I truely missed using my bow so I...
  4. Thetrueredneck

    What Boots are you running?

    I have found out quick this year that my boots have made a world of difference in how long I stay in the tree. I have been running a pair of Crispi Idaho GTX Non insulted and found that the bottoms of my feet aren’t near as tired as they were in the Alpha Burlys I wear.
  5. Thetrueredneck

    Do you find yourself looking at spots you normally wouldn’t?

    I have been noticing lately that with OnX and HuntStand that I am looking hard at properties I normally wouldn’t even consider. And it hit me that this is all do to my new way of hunting more mobile. Had anyone else noticed this about themselves?
  6. Thetrueredneck

    Modifying a JX3 specifically the belt

    I was watching DIY Sportsman review some packs the other night and noticed he had added a waist belt to his JX3, I was hoping to find out if there was a how to on here or somewhere I can not seem to find in my looking. It looks like some sort of battle belt mod but I’m not sure. I know I can’t...
  7. Thetrueredneck

    Good “How to” video for Repelling?

    So I have decided no matter how much I practice climbing with my HH sticks and aider that going back down sucks! I want to be able feel good about descending as I do climbing and repelling seems the perfect fit. So any info for videos of how to would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thetrueredneck

    Can this be used for bridge or tether safely?

    Notch Dryad Dynamic 3/8" Cabling. https://www.treestuff.com/notch-dryad-dynamic-cabling/ i was thinking I could use this in place of Amsteel, anyone tried it before?
  9. Thetrueredneck

    Pack for JX3??

    So I have been learning my JX3 the past 2 weeks and what I found was that I am not flexible enough to reach the back of it when I’m in the tree. I came across this pack and wanted to see what anyone else was using since for the most part the Hybrid is a pack in it self...
  10. Thetrueredneck

    Hello from NW Arkansas

    Hey folks I am very stoked about finding this I know I’ll be asking a lot of questions and can’t wait to get started.