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  1. ThereWillBeSpuds

    Need to lift my rear end.

    I know this really has nothing to do with saddle hunting, but I know some of y'all are capable folks and I can trust that you don't have skin in the game re: selling me one product or another. I tow a 12 foot cargo trailer every Saturday with my "new" 1996 f-150 4x4. I don't know exactly what...
  2. ThereWillBeSpuds

    Hicks Sticks

    I'm working on a design for some diy sticks that I hope will be very light, compact stacking, and safer than standard sticks. I cut out some rough mockups of the design out of cardboard to help illustrate the gist. I came up with this design by looking at how tall all the existing sticks are...
  3. ThereWillBeSpuds

    Wheres the pressure? (Central SC)

    So this is my first year hunting, and I have seen a lot of hype about how public land is getting hammered and I am just not seeing it. I mean, Im not swimming in deer or anything but I have seen maybe 3 trucks parked on public, run into one person on the road as I was pulling my boots on...
  4. ThereWillBeSpuds

    Possible novel rope climbing method

    Please excuse my less than optimal drawing skills. Ok so I am currently climbing SRT and being infinitely frustrated with the throw bag. This method could allow for climbing a rope straight up the tree, without any throwing, easily going around limbs, and without ever being unconnected from...
  5. ThereWillBeSpuds

    Bucks bedding in tall grass/short brush

    So yesterday I had an interesting hunt. The wind was light and variable, despite the forecast calling for 8 to 10mph winds from the west all day. My original plan was to show up an hour before first light walk a road behind a gate from the north and then cut east into a thicket I had previously...
  6. ThereWillBeSpuds

    I would really like to see a "hunt any tree" challenge video.

    With so many people claiming that this or that climbing method or platform or stand will allow you to "hunt any tree" I would really like to see a video where proponents of various methods who claim they can "get in any tree I want and set up right on the hottest sign" walk into the woods and an...
  7. ThereWillBeSpuds

    Found a video of Ropeman Failure (unclear if it is a ropeman 1 or 2)

    Was researching climbing lanyards and came across this video of a ropeman (kinda) failing on low fall factor falls with dynamic rope (laboratory conditions, not people getting hurt, safe click) The stripping of the sheath in those low factor falls if it occurred on your tether, linesman, or...
  8. ThereWillBeSpuds

    My goofyass bosun seat

    Made myself a bosun seat out of plywood and fleece and open cell foam a few months back, it has really enhanced my comfort but its heavy and a bit awkward. Made something a bit lighter yesterday, I back it up with a RCH for safety but no additional saddle is needed. Only revolutionary thing in...
  9. ThereWillBeSpuds

    Arborists Saddle for 50 bucks

    Just snagged me one of these https://www.treestuff.com/notch-sentry-floating-d-harness/ for 50 bucks plus shipping, looks like it may be totally workable by itself for shorter sits, may still use my "fleece" saddle with it for longer sits. Ill let yall know how I feel once it arrives, but I...
  10. ThereWillBeSpuds

    Possible ad-hoc platform?

    Seems like this could be readily altered into a platform, should be light and stiff. What do yall think? Sent from my SM-A516V using Tapatalk
  11. ThereWillBeSpuds

    Petzl Rope Recall

    Wasnt sure if anyone used petzl ropes but some have been recalled. https://gearjunkie.com/petzl-climbing-rope-recall Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  12. ThereWillBeSpuds

    Just acquired a vertical milling machine and a metal lathe

    My mom recently bought a house that has a workshop in back. The previous owner was a machinist and was supposed to remove all their tools by like 3 months ago, shortly after closing. They called my mom today and asked if it would be a problem if they left the remaining tools, they were going to...
  13. ThereWillBeSpuds

    When to climb down.

    So I am up in the tree hunting deer for my first time ever and I have reached a quandary. The property I am on closes at the end of legal hunting light. So when do I climb down? As close to the end as possible I assume. What if I hit something? Do I have to leave and come back in the morning to...
  14. ThereWillBeSpuds

    Little public land, clearcut sometime in the past 5 years.

    So this morning I went on a little scouting run before work. I was interested in a little WMA near another larger area I want to hunt, particularly as a backup if the big area is getting hammered one morning when I was planning to hunt. It consists of a pine plantation that looks like it was...
  15. ThereWillBeSpuds

    Do deer get used to human scent?

    If I am hunting a property that has neighborhoods on the easter edge can I use the expectation of human scent from those houses as cover when wind is coming from the east? Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  16. ThereWillBeSpuds

    Plywood platform the next generation.

    So I made some tweeks to my previous plywood platform, upped the size, lowered the amount of tilt on the standing surface, added an attachment method that doesn't require tying knots or threading rope through a hole every time. Here she is. Total weight is up to about 2lb 11oz, but the standing...
  17. ThereWillBeSpuds

    Discrepancies between huntstand "property info" and " hunting land " layers

    Hey, attached is a screenshot of an area where I captured shapes from the "property info" layer on huntstand. I have the map set to "hunting land" to confirm I captured the right parcels. As you can see the yellow outline indicated by the "hunting land" layer is way off of the red outline I...
  18. ThereWillBeSpuds

    Southeast guys, tropical systems?

    Hey yall, Im based in central SC, its my first year hunting seriously and I am wondering if any of yall have wisdom to share on the effect of tropical storms and hurricanes on deer movement. Obviously Im not planning on climbing a tree in huricane force winds, but does the pressure change before...
  19. ThereWillBeSpuds

    DIY plywood platform

    Working on a Semi-light weight plywood leaner platform. This is my first prototype. Kitchen Scale says it weighs 1lb 11oz, its 16 inches wide by 10 inches deep. I made it from 1/2 inch cabinet grade plywood I had left over in my shed. It attaches by camming over. It needs a little rattle can...
  20. ThereWillBeSpuds

    Access across a state line.

    So there is a property I have permission to hunt that is right on the SC/NC border, on the SC side, I am an SC resident. The catch is that the only access to the property from SC requires walking right through the primary bedding area. HOWEVER, the property has frontage on a road in NC that...