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  1. Ohio Angler

    2020 Contest Submission Thread

    Had to thin this one out of the herd. He is very unique and if you look at the left side of the neck its the size of a soccer ball. Team 1, Ill try to get an upgrade for this
  2. Ohio Angler

    The No-Shame Thread

    I prefer to hunt with others. Going out alone gets boring to me. I've killed many deer and if it's not a big one, I don't shoot it. (Until Gun Season roles around, then if it's brown it down) I give all my deer away. No one in my family will eat it. I'd rather shoot a coyote than a deer...
  3. Ohio Angler

    WTB CT RollNLock or Kong Duck

    CT. Sorry. Should have clarified
  4. Ohio Angler

    WTB CT RollNLock or Kong Duck

    I've a brand new one. Not sure what they are going for.
  5. Ohio Angler

    Saddle Progression: What have you tried? Where are you now? Where are you going?

    I am new to the saddle game. I bought a Kestral Aero Evo to use while I waited on my Cruzr XC. The first time I tried the Cruzr, was the last time I even thought about the EVO. I sold it the next day. I really like the Cruzr. It's incredibly comfortable. I can sit for 6-8 hours and not have any...
  6. Ohio Angler

    Final attempt at a DIY pleated saddle

    You have sewing skills! I am very impressed with the construction of it. Looks great
  7. Ohio Angler

    I killed a monster! My best ever!

    Nice one!
  8. Ohio Angler

    Phantom or Cruzr XC which did I perfer ?

    I've walked 3 miles in my Cruzr and didn't have an issue.
  9. Ohio Angler

    30" Hawk Helium Step Broke

    All very good questions. It broke almost instantly. I didn't have time to adjust my weight or move around. Luckily I had my linesman's rope secured and I wasn't extremely high. I stepped on the step and it just broke very quickly.
  10. Ohio Angler

    Please be safe out there!

    Just a reminder to check all your equipment and how you install it.
  11. Ohio Angler

    Well, it finally happened

    Hate to hear that. Let's just hope he makes that mistake again with you very soon. I am sure you will be ready.
  12. Ohio Angler

    Team 1 Thread

    Nice job.
  13. Ohio Angler

    Buck down

  14. Ohio Angler

    Updated with Video: A “First” for everything!

    Great post. Congrats on a nice bucl
  15. Ohio Angler

    Hickory Creek Koolaid

    ok guys, Need your input. I have the original HC (long version). I am looking for a good crossbow scope. What do you guys like? Ive went through the entire thread and have seen a Nikon and heard about a Vortex. There arent many specs on the original HC and from what I have researched it's a...
  16. Ohio Angler

    Saddle decision to make

    I have to admit, the Cruzr XC is the most comfortable one I have been in. I had tried an Aero EVO and the Cruzr is way more comfortable for me. I would like to try a JX3 sometime.
  17. Ohio Angler

    Who has the best wife?

    A good Mate is hard to find. I'm a single dad with two great kids. I just schedule hunting and fishing around the weekends with them. Hang on to those that put up with you outdoor stuff and who is beside you when chores need to be done! They are a rare commodity and I hope you take care of them...
  18. Ohio Angler

    Found, Please Close!

    Found what I needed. Thanks, everyone! Jerod
  19. Ohio Angler

    30" Hawk Helium Step Broke

    That's for sure. I would be very concerned about quality. I have to say though, every time I take a step on one, I now have a much better grip and always expecting a failure.