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  1. Knik

    Cruzer Archon

    Will probably do away with the leg straps and panel adjustment straps on mine. I'll leave the panel adjustment straps on until I'm positive that I don't need or want them, playing around with a kydex clip and paracord loops, seems much simpler to me. By putting a loop through the main leg strap...
  2. Knik

    Are leg straps an absolute

    Just don't push it to hard, would rather miss September than screw a new hip up or get in a bind 20' in a tree. Had mine done last July and was good to go end of September, but I don't hunt the first part....to hot. At 7 weeks I was good, best advise I can give you is to DO YOUR THERAPY and...
  3. Knik

    Catoosa WMA

    Though they should allow the taking of bears during the open archery hunt, can't get out of the truck without seeing a busted up stump/log or rocks flipped over. Some great bucks on the area but you need to pattern the other hunters first. Haven't heard if they've fixed the bridge on Daddys...
  4. Knik

    TN Saddle Hunters Whack 'Em Off Event

    Have to work those dates in September, can't make that one. The Catoosa open hunt in December can be really cold, might make it rough for any tent campers that might show up. Open bow hunt at Catoosa is Oct.2 - 10, better temps for the hammock/tent folks. What ever you come up with I'll try an...
  5. Knik

    Shout out to Cruzr Saddles.

    Called and ordered a camo Archon yesterday, received it today! Granted I'm only 84 miles away, but still extremely impressed to receive it the next day. Big shout out to Jerry for such a quick delivery.
  6. Knik

    Calling All Crocophiles

    Off readers all the way.
  7. Knik

    Any Cruzr Archon Questions?

    That's pretty much what I was thinking, but instead of two clips, wondering if one in the center would suffice. One clip on top center molle and one small loop of cord on bottom center molle. The walk in and climbing would be the only time needed for this. With the bridge cinched all the way...
  8. Knik

    Any Cruzr Archon Questions?

    Very good review and thorough, really gave us a good look at it and much appreciated. My first thought on the Archon when I saw the pics was that the two adjustable straps might be a pain to lengthen and shorten. After watching you use two hands to do it I'm wondering now how much of a bind...
  9. Knik

    Any Cruzr Archon Questions?

    Was excited about an XL Method coming out this season, but after seeing the Archon and reading all the great reviews on the XC......think I'll give the Archon a go. Great reviews on your channel and very thorough, only thing missing is an Archon review. :wink:
  10. Knik

    Hunting Canoe

    Picked up a SportsPal s13 about 12yrs ago to trap out of, have been extremely happy with it. With a boat cushion on top of the stern and some weight inside the canoe, I have set side-saddle with my legs in the water, drifting down stream checking traps. Spent many days fly fishing from it while...
  11. Knik

    Saddles and hip replacement

    In the recovery room on a saddle forum....... this will be a cake walk for you. ;)
  12. Knik

    Saddles and hip replacement

    Had my right hip replaced July 24 this year, was climbing and saddle hunting by October. I'm 51 and at end of therapy felt 35, so much more mobility it isn't even funny. FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THERAPY! Go the extra mile if they say it's ok to push yourself and CONTINUE with exercises even after...
  13. Knik

    Shikar, LWCG, or Beast Sticks?

    Just my experience, but yes. I went with the 20" step spacing on the aider and wish I would have went just a tad shorter. Now I'm not as limber as some, at 51 with hip replacement back in July, but I'm using it for the height factor. You HAVE TO keep the front of your boot firmly against the...
  14. Knik

    First buck!

  15. Knik

    First deer from my phantom!!

    Awesome! Nice buck!
  16. Knik

    Shikar, LWCG, or Beast Sticks?

  17. Knik

    Shikar, LWCG, or Beast Sticks?

    Love my Shikars, running a BWM 3 step aider and getting 7' per step. Started out using a versa aider and it works great, less hassle and more compact than the multi aider. Multi aider allows me to run 3 sticks instead of 4, one less stick to hang unless I want to go up to 28'.
  18. Knik

    Help identify a molle backpack

    TNbowhunter.....you just made me spend some money. :):rolleyes::sunglasses:
  19. Knik

    First saddle kill

    :) I really wanted to cull the 10pt running around over there, never showed.
  20. Knik

    First saddle kill

    Tennessee cull buck, 4.5yr+