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  1. Ked84

    FT: recon medium for a small

    Just like the title says. I am looking to trade a medium recon for a small recon. I bought the medium from another member on here but it's a little big. I will attach pictures shortly. Doesn't come with leg straps. Everything else is normal.
  2. Ked84

    Wtb--- 1 single stick

    Looking for one single stick(not one stick). Just want to try out one stick from the following. Shikar, EWO, beast stick, tethrd. Let me know if you have an extra laying around. Thank you
  3. Ked84

    Spypoint issues

    So i have some spypoint trail cams. They suck..... But thats not what this post is about. My question is do we have any spypoint techs in here that can try to help me out before i go through the company again. I already had 3 cameras replaced but going through the company takes quite a while. I...
  4. Ked84


    Going to be doing a sika hunt this year. Most likely the fishing bay wma. Couple days out of the week in early/mid October. Anyone else have plans to be down there?
  5. Ked84

    New to me bear grizzly

    Getting back into traditional and picked up this bear gizzly. Excited to get shooting again but nervous ill end up selling the triax and only use the recurve.
  6. Ked84

    Sika hunt

    Looking for some info on MD shore sika hunt. Is it worth trying to get into assateague island? How much pressure in assateague compared to public? Boat or is a kayak ok to get around in? Thank you
  7. Ked84

    New from Northeastern pa

    Just saying hello from Northeastern pa! Currently running a menace with lw sticks/helium sticks.
  8. Ked84

    from mathews to prime(maybe)

    Currently shooting a triax. Before that was a halon 32. Have owned bear, bowtech, and pse. Really thinking about switching to a prime black 1 or the new nexus 2. Anyone else make the switch?