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  1. PastorKen

    Best Black Socks for Long Hikes?

    I am a student in the Naval Chaplaincy School. In a few weeks we will be spending three or four days straight outdoors. We have two Marine Corps Gunnery Sergeant’s who will be in charge of us during that time. There will be a lot of hiking with full backpacks. I have a good pair of boots. I need...
  2. PastorKen

    WTB Climbing Stick Brackets

    Looking for 2 offset (V) brackets any brand like maybe someone removed and replaced with DanO brackets and they are just laying around.
  3. PastorKen

    Best Hunting Truck, SUV, or Van?

    My rusty F-150 has served me well for years. I have a camper top on it and I can haul plenty of gear and still sleep in the back. I love it! BUT... it has 186,000 miles and a ton of rust. And I just got accepted into Navy Chaplaincy. I'm going to have to drive from Cincinnati to Rhode Island and...
  4. PastorKen

    3D camo for backpack

    I bought these pin-on leaves years ago. I stopped using them when I was able to afford a leafy suit some years back. But today I decided to put them on my back-country backpack. The bag is not camouflaged. So I put these leaves on it. I thought I would share the idea in case somebody else would...
  5. PastorKen

    Please Close - Sold - Trango CINCH $30 To Your Door

    Up for sale is a Trango Cinch. These are no longer in production. I called the manufacturer to ask if they were any recalls and they said there were never any recalls on the Cinch. For liability reasons, they can't recommend the sale of any used gear. I have use this a few times in trees in my...
  6. PastorKen

    Fish in an Air Fryer?

    I‘m wondering if anybody had tried cooking fresh fish in an air fryer. I’m talking about crappie, catfish, etc. I love ‘em deep-fried. Will an air fryer would do anywhere near as well? and be more healthy. Share your wisdom with me!
  7. PastorKen

    Protect bow sight while packing in

    I was arranging my gear on my backpack for packing in and didn’t like the way my sight was sticking out to the side and vulnerable. So I put a golf club cover over it. I think that’s going to be the ticket. Here are pics with and without the cover.
  8. PastorKen

    SOLD - Older Ropeman

    This Ropeman is not marked 1 or 2. It appears nearly identical to a Ropeman 1. It is for use with 10 or 11 mm rope. (Ropeman 1 is for 10 to 13 mm rope) $30 Tyd. Pay Pal.
  9. PastorKen

    SOLD - Ropeman 1

    Ropeman 1 gently used for one season. $40 to your door.
  10. PastorKen

    Seed ticks ate me up

    Public Service Announcement: Last Friday I hiked a few miles on public land, scouting and checking cameras. I had pant legs tucked in socks, long sleeves, and sprayed down wit h bug spray. But I still got hundreds of tick bites. Some of them may be chiggers. Seed ticks are tiny. Bites are all...
  11. PastorKen

    Rynoskin at Sportsman Warehouse

    This is the best price I’ve seen on this stuff. That claim that ticks,Chiggers, not even mosquitos can bite you through this stuff. I ordered a full set for myself. Free shipping on orders over $50. https://www.sportsmans.com/search/?text=rynoskin
  12. PastorKen

    One Stick Cain’s method with Knaider and Swaider

    Here is an attempt at combining several methods. Search Cain’s One Stick method and Pete’s Knaider Swaider method for details of those awesome methods. Here’s the play by play of my first effort combining the two: 1. A little Prusik on the Muddy Pro rope attached by tiny carabiner to a small...
  13. PastorKen

    Canoe rack / Headache rack for hard tonneau

    A few years ago I got a deal on a Thule goalpost to help haul my canoe. It supports the back of the canoe. I have been using foam pads on top of the truck cab to support the front of the canoe. My canoe is very heavy. It’s a real pain to load and unload from the truck. I wanted to keep my...
  14. PastorKen

    Boot dryer

    There are plenty of variations of this on YouTube. Nothing original here, but pretty inexpensive and works great. I got the blow dryer for less than $3 from a thrift store. I used all 10 feet of a piece of 1 and 1/4 inch PVC and a few fittings. I blocked off the airflow to the legs by plugging...
  15. PastorKen

    ALPS OutdoorZ Pack Bag Only (no frame) $40! Amazon

    https://smile.amazon.com/ALPS-OutdoorZ-Commander-Freighter-Frame/dp/B00AU6H3HM/ref=sr_1_19?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1545617630&sr=1-19&keywords=alps+outdoorz+hunting+packs This is a great deal and I wanted to let y’all know about it. It is a backpack bag only. You can buy the frame...
  16. PastorKen

    Too cold to pull bow back!!!

    I need advice!!! I was on public land yesterday from dark to dark. at 9:00 am, it was snowing and I wasn't dressed warmly enough (it was more than an hour's hike in and I was afraid of getting too sweaty. I did put on another layer at the tree, but it wasn't enough to keep me from shivering. It...
  17. PastorKen

    Opening day doe down

    Bow season opened this morning in Ohio. I hiked back on public land and climbed a tree and got situated in the saddle. About 8:30 AM, four does came up about 10 yards away. They were at my 6 o’clock position. I sent a rage hypodermic through the big doe that was leading the group. There were 2...
  18. PastorKen

    Litter box birthday cake

    Friday I turned 51. Look what a cake my neighbor made for me!
  19. PastorKen

    Meat bags or pillowcases?

    Camofire.com has ovis bags for 39.99. They look good to me. But, would pillowcases, zip ties, and paracord do just as well? I do like the reflective strips and the plastic ground sheet with ovis bags. But $40... I’m thrifty. Share some wisdom with me.
  20. PastorKen

    New Saddle Hunter from Cincinnati OH

    I’m an experienced bowhunter, but new to the tree saddle. I use crossbows and compound. I want to use my compound mostly this season for a lot of reasons. And it seems like it would work better from a saddle than a crossbow anyway. I’m pumped about this season! Been married for 24 years. Got to...